Great Elephant Savanah OP

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[the Great Elephant of Savanah is inviceble to OP this way nobody can kill it , i dont know what is wrong]

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There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s one of the few challenging fights in the game. I’d rather see more bosses buffed than nerfed.

Thunderfoot does not do much damage - my thrall (with good armor and gruel) stays over 90% health (generally closer to 100%) throughout the fight. It does take a long time, and you have to keep your distance because while a thrall can withstand Thunderfoot’s damage a player will die much more easily.

I’d really like to see more challenging fights. I was caught off-guard several months back when they buffed normal elephants, but honestly that was a welcome and much-needed change as elephants were a joke before. Gorillas are still trivial and I would really like for gorilla fights to be on par with elephant fights. A boss gorilla similar to Thunderfoot would be fantastic.

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