2 bugs with one report

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: Europe

Storm ended, i went mid after legendary items had many keys from mini bosses or bosses, i have greater saber with 7 K hp and good damage ( he can kill yeti 1 skull boss fast , and even 3 skull bosses alone by loosing 10-30% HP, sure there is some he cant handle ) so after this introduction i will say wtf… in one trip i found out 2 , ok 1 100% bug other i dont know…

  1. I got legendary shield that says cold insulated , but its stats actually show up heat res…

  2. on trip home i accidentally falled into elephant graveyard that almost turned to be my graveyard with 20 level rhino and even that boosted saber… so what happened. i got … molested by elephants… 3 NOT bosses attacked me one hit almost killed me, somehow my saber managed to kill them after fighting like 3 min each … iin total 9 minutes fighting , after that i had 10 Hp left, saber was dead almost too, and rhino well rhino moron runned away… ( bugged into terrain from fear…)

About this, i remember there was reports elephants are 60 HP and one hit kill, i understand that was but, but why after fix they have more HP then 3 skull boss?? if they ain’t even bosses, just elephants… wtf… they had like 24 K HP… cause u know, 3 min to kill one elephant is too much even if i can kill 3 skull boss in one min fighting with same pet…

Sure i dont know about 2 if thats bug or something but atleast that shield is bugged… probably elephants too now

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Neo, I think we ran into the same three elephants. In my case, a level 3 bearer at 16 tanked them (most of the time) and the only reasonable way to kill all three was bleeding them.

Could it be armor instead of hitpoints? Something is off. I don’t mind a tough fight, just a long one.



Just now tryed singleplayer same elephant graveyard with spawned T4 figher, and boosted 2 handed crom sword with armor pen… same situation, they take damage like they have more HP than world bosses… + one of them i manage to make sunder that breaks armor…

So from like 60 HP they now have maybe 60000?

had problems with demon dog one skull that could not be killable, but when i find those elephants i now think how its even possible to get elephant hide… they kill player and follower by 3 …thats like that song " i will never go to africa again…" those elephants dunno, before waas too easy, not its too hard…

5 elephants, 129 hide, with a boosted star metal skinning knife. I’m going to buy elephant hide until something is done. Gold is faster and easier.



wait, you can buy?

Yes elephant hide u can buy, also u can buy rocknooses and such… north island is full with vendors… thats seems now only way to get elephant hide unless u want to feel like in this video

elephant graveyard is death for sure… and interesting its like actuall something like this video only not soo much but 3 elephants come from nowhere and ripped all armor… and next they killed me…

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