Elephants have too many hitpoints

The Elephants just have way too many hitpoints. You could take them down to 30% of what they have and the battles would still be epic length.


We take down rhinos in about 10 seconds. Eles being bigger take 30-45 seconds.

You might look at your weapon choices.

What cracks me up is that a 10 ton elephant can spin on its axis to keep you in its forward arc.


If you think regular elephants are bad, go poke Thunderfoot…


Hoky, poky mate!
And let the Rhinos fly!
But it’s more about the damage reduction, than the HP’s, imho…


Yes I thought so too. Took me way too long to kill one and yielded precious few skins.

What I did today was craft Star metal daggers with the Spiked weapon fitting and laid a huge stack of bleeds while my Thrall (regular tier 3, 18 strength) went to town with a damage kitted mace adding occasional sunder.

They went down in about 45 seconds roughly.

I cleared the whole area of all elephants and netted about 280 skins with an upgraded star metal skinning knife.

While I do genuinely feel they were over corrected difficulty wise, I find sand reaper queens tend to get them down fairly quickly.

So from what I have noticed for myself, maybe others have a different experience. But the main issue is simply your Thrall isn’t able to hit them most of the time, I’ve watched my thrall swing and the Elephant takes no damage for awhile, I believe it’s a hitbox issue and thralls.


Takes me about 3 minutes to kill one. Gives me a headache/ nausea. Maybe because you are inside the elephant mostly. My companion is a level 3 fighter with a mace. He seems to connect.

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Very well could be, the constant knock downs don’t help in that respect either

it depends on the weapon your thrall use , a 1h mace will have far less reach than a 2h sword .

so you are right about hitbox issues .

anyone that tried on Exiles Land to fight Big Mama with a 1h maced thrall will tell you how bad it was compared to a good ol sword of crom :wink:

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And that’s exactly what I use on my thralls, 1H mace. I hate and I mean hate when I need to go collect Elephant hide because as others have said it takes forever.

I guess I could change up the weapon just for them, but I’ll be honest that would probably be annoying in itself. The list of things players need to do to get around things that don’t seem to work correct grows by the day.

Killed Thunderhoof today and it took 26 minutes. Used a lvl 18 zerker with a Sword of the Adventurer and 47 strenghth. Helped with sundering with a Dragonbone maul. Went through most of my healing items and a full stack of gruel on the zerker. Only got 62 elephant hides, much less than previously. The regular 2 tuskers in the old lands seem to have the old hit points and amount of hides – got 53 off of three including one that had been killed by a tiger.

The 4 tuskers on Siptah despite their enhanced hit points drop less elephant hides. Got 0 hides off the first one I killed with my current character and normally kill 5-6 for about 50 hides.

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Where are the elephants on Siptah? This conversation has peaked my curiosity, but I’ve never seen them anywhere on the island.

Based on map (rather than personal experience) - they should be around the northern part of the maelstrom zone.

Interactive map available at:

But you don’t need to collect them on the Isle of Siptah! Gold is available as easy as dirt here. Mine gold, make coins, go to the small island in the north and buy as many elephant hides as you wish! I’d be happy if I could get oil as easy as those hides, but alas.


Near the Leyshrine of the Birdmen, the broken one in the north. There are about 5 of them loitering around most of the time, maybe more.


If you’re killing elephants for the skins, just go buy them from the merchant in Sepermeru or the camp of the castaways. They’re not even expensive.

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I mean it’s 5 Gold for 1 Hide, that doesn’t even seem like it’s worth the effort, I’ll deal with the broken Elephants.

On my side, I dont think Elephants HP are an issue… after all they are huge beasts needing a true hunt party… And I will be very sad to see and admit that a pair of daggers is the best way to kill an elephant.
to say everything, I would be glad to see the old fashion way to kill them as during the 350-BC to 400-AD:
-some sort of heavy cutting blades (axes, romphaia…) to creeple their feet and legs.
-javelins and lances to kill them

I see at least 2 issues on my side:
a) these huge beasts dont give enough elephant hide. You need to reward the hunter with a huge amount of elephant hide… these beasts are huge and hard to kill… huge reward.
b) the scale of difficulty between:
-tigers or cats

which of them is the most dangerous, the most agressive, the most “hard to kill”??


If you live on the Isle of Siptah then Gold is cheaper than dirt. There are Gold & Silver nodes not far from the easiest starting zone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Silver is much more valuable here because Silver nodes give much more stones than silverstones.

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