Siptah Elephant Harvesting

Elephants have been buffed, but it seems like their harvesting rates were nerfed. Am I going crazy or am I seeing this right?

Eh? Harvesting rate? Not sure what you mean by that.

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Resources gained when harvesting a corpse I mean.

Eles are easy and fast to kill, just dont stand in front of them.
Run under the back legs and jagem in the gut, takes seconds to take them down, and they cant hit you.

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Both, been doing exiles eles for years. Used the same attack with the biggins. Send in the trall/pet, Slide underneath, pokie pokie, harvest

I’ve had some drop 8 hide, some 24. It’s been all over the place for me.

Exiled Lands elephants take seconds to kill. Siptah elephants (the ones with 4 tusks, NW from center) have more HP and/or armor and take much longer to kill.

You don’t have to. Use daggers and an axe. Keep behind at all times. Stack 20 bleeds with daggers. Switch to axe and keep the bleeds alive with heavy-light-heavy or light-light-heavy combo, depending on how far you are.

It won’t take a handful of seconds, but it’ll still take less than a minute. Unless you’re using stone daggers, then it’ll take longer, but that’s still acceptable.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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dont use daggers, multiple hits will damage the skins… skins will be unusable by your crafters at home.

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