Hyrkanian Raider Heavy Armor

Just thought I would post my thoughts on this.

Since Elephants got the rework to address how easy they were to kill, I feel that Hyrkanian Raider heavy armor has kind of been priced out of the game loop/progression for me. It requires elephant hide to craft and with an iron skinning knife my most recent elephant kill yielded a total of 8 elephant hide. Since the rework elephants are damage sponges/tanks and take a considerable amount of time to kill. So I guess it really doesn’t seem worth my while to go out of my way to fight an elephant at that stage of the game. As a result, I cannot recall the last time I crafted the Hyrkanian Raider heavy armor.

As a side note: I find it is easier and quicker to kill giants for elephant hide. Is this supposed to be the intended method for obtaining elephant hide? Just seems off to me.

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