Heavy armor early on? Bugged item

So the Gas Orb doesn’t work, it will be in your hand but you can’t throw it or anything.

About heavy armor:
So I hit lvl 10 and was thinking sweet, i can make heavy armor already this is awesome. Then I saw the requirements for it. Thick leather. After searching for a very long time I find out the only way I can get that thick leather is stuff like Rhinos… And the nearest one is over half the desert area away and surrounded by death basically.

So I went with medium armor, best I can do but now I’ve unlocked the new armor tier at 20 and I’m drooling for the slaver armor. But this one apparently needs Fur… So now I have have to go into the alpine area to die in my search for fur. This seems way too early to be needing this resource as everything there will kill me like I’m nothing.

So is this all intended this way or is there some other way I do not know of to get these items at the lvl I aquire the patterns?

FUNCOM disabled Gas orbs, because of bug, making them do excessive amounts of damage.

In theory, you can get fur or thick leather as drops from chests / dead NPC, but I agree, crafting thees armors early on is quite time consuming.

They really should return the Croc. hide back to making thick leather. I do believe croc. hide is thicker than Hyena or any other mammal that is in the game. Esp. those huge Crocs.


I agree with you. Huge crocs should drop something like thick versions of their usual “hide”.

Even if it isn’t the huge ones. It’d be nice if the crocs could have their pelts put in the armor bench to get thick hide, so you know. people at lvl 10 can actually make heavy armor before level like 30.

You even if they don’t want to make crocs give up thick hides or something they could always make it so maybe like 4 or so regular hides can be combined to get thick also… devs? care to weigh in? would that break it?

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Found a Shaleback King spawning near the river to the east (see below). Skinning him with iron skinning knife yelds 8-9 thick leather. Not much but, hey, at least you don’t have to run to the center of the map to find rhinos :grinning:

P.S. Single player.

hey i know this is not about the post but is there a map that shows you where all the emotes are at on the map??? cause i see a few with the map you post

Grey Rhinos are nowhere near as hard as they used to be. Should be able to take them out with iron weapons with a bit of finesse.

that is what i have been looking for thank you very much

Outdated now, since the Sepermeru emotes have been moved to I’m not sure where. I KNOW the “Flirt” emote has been moved to an NPC outside the Prison district. I suspect the others are on NPCs elsewhere in Sepermeru, but I haven’t found them yet.

Yeah the King shellback I’ll have to go hunt down and see, but Idk. Its not that its impossible, but just thinking from an average player viewpoint, I see heavy armor being mostly unattainable for many before 20ish.

Seems to me Gray Rhinos are much, much harder than they used to be. Now that crocodiles don’t give thick leather, and the other sources are so deadly, the armor progression is worse than it used to be, not better. Having them technically available at lower levels is just an insult.

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I actually don’t mind the new armor progressions. They are grouped by what attribute they enhance. The basic armors all give boost to encumbrance, which is needed early on. The next tier enhances strength, then accuracy and so forth. If you notice, heavy armor no longer requires steel. This is just my opinion based on what I have noticed so far. A side note on rhinos: they will stop on top of you and you can kill them fairly easily taking little to no damage.

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