Mammoths have 76 HP

Game mode: PVE Private modded server AND un-modded singleplayer
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE Private modded server
Region: Oceania
Game version: #245789/26426

Users on my server reported one-shotting mammoths. We looked and found they have only 76 hp. I fired up an un-modded singleplayer session (new world, new char) and made a noticeable dent in a mammoth’s health with two or three punches from a level 0 character.

I paid a short visit to the central savanna and it looks like elephants and rhinos may have a similar problem. Again, this is both in modded server and unmodded singleplayer!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Run CE
  2. Find mammoth
  3. Hurt mammoth
  4. Mammoth dies.

Hey @trevorjd

This seems like a mod-related issue. Judging by the fact you can see the exact HP they have, it looks like you have still mods enabled when testing the problem.
We just did a quick test on our end and mammoths, elephants and rhinos seem to be as sturdy as ever.

While I can’t speak to the exact HP the creature has, or the claims with regards to elephants or rhinos, I definitely notice that mammoths are much less durable.

For testing (no mods, of course), I used a two handed steel sword (34 damage @ 20% armor pen) with no attribute investments.

I was able to down the mammoth in 9 light swings. I know that each attack in the combo have slightly different damage modifiers, but you can come to the rough estimate of ~ 306 HP.

For comparison, a normal wolf (Exiled Lands, not Siptah) took roughly 7 full light combos (28 hits), or roughly 3x as much as the mammoth.

I would definitely say there is a problem there.

After hopping on my single player world as well i managed to kill a elephant with 3 swings from the sword of crom with 0 points in strength. there is something wrong here, most certainly.

There is no way it can be a problem because Ignasis said they just did a quick test on our end and mammoths, elephants and rhinos seem to be as sturdy as ever. If its fine on their end there is no may it can be wrong on your end. No way at all.

I make fun of course but I do that because back when testlive came out i was told on discord through private messages that the things I found on testlive werent really a problem because the testlive version was behind the internal version that they were working on and any bugs were probably irrelevent because of that fact…that is the day i stopped playing testlive LOL

finding these bugs in a nice clean internal server environment is not the same as hanging out on a outside server that the software is deployed on and finding them there.

@Ignasi Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

Please re-read my first paragraph! The 76 figure comes from the modded server. [Then] I fired up an unmodded singleplayer… and I gave a much less precise estimate! I have just double-checked my client and there really are zero mods selected for singleplayer.

A couple of others have since piped up to say they’re having a similar problem.


@Ignasi, unmodded testlive single player game, 3 shots with a bloodletter bow and flinthead arrow. The bow did have an advanced damage kit, but not that advanced :slight_smile:



@Ignasi It may be worth noting this is on the original map, not the new map.

I can also confirm this. The antediluvian elephants on Siptah die with two swipes of a greatsword both with and without mods active.

Returning for clarification:

Upon looking at the health values in the DevKit (MonsterStatTable), OP is spot-on at 76 HP @ 7800 armor for NPC_Mammoth.

NPC_Elephant and NPC_RhinoGrey have 52 HP @ 6900 armor and 178 HP @ 5300 armor, respectively.

At the very least, it should be easy for Funcom to fix.

EDIT: grammar and included armor value for mammoth

Can confirm. Maelstrom + Master Kit + 45 strength is a 1-shot heavy kill on Mammoths, Elephants, Mastodons and Rhinos. Tested with no mods.

Either they reversed the Armor and Health stats or they thought the armor made dropping the HP worth it. It didn’t.

Yep I took down one (Siptah) with a single shot to the head, majority I dropped with 2 to 3 arrows. The rocknoses take more hits to kill

Confirmed on Official PvE-C and on an Officla PvE. The Elephants on Siptah die in like 5 hits with a stone club. Made a new character, created a stone club, killed them very easily

Its weird because that Armor ‘should’ work. That’s a 97% damage reduction.

That means a high tier thrall with a Sword of Crom should do about 8 (accounting for armor pen, MDM, and other random stuff, and rounding up) damage a hit. Anything a low level player has should do 1-2 damage.

This means the armor calculation has changed or its bugged at higher numbers, or even just bugged entirely. So there might be more than just Mammoth HP issues here.

Probably it’s indeed reversed. Non-human enemies usually have VERY low armor but high HP to kinda compensate for that.
You can see every time you tame an animal or get a skeleton/frost giant they all have below 200 armor.

The ones on siptah also have a really bad ratio with the Elefant hide they drop. Star metal skinning knife + kit and 30 survival and you get between 10-20 elefant hide. Even the calves give around 40~ elefant hide. They need to get a fix to be tankier + drop more hide. Like it is with the elefants on the exile lands.

Hey everybody,

Thanks for the feedback, this is being looked at and is planned to get addressed in 2.0.4.

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