Always logging in at 50% HP

Game mode: [Online] Official PVP server 1774
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America]

[Every time I log in, I do so at 50% hp, even after healing to full health before logging out.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Be full HP
  2. Log out
  3. Log back in
  4. Be at 50% HP
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Update, eating food kicks my HP bad to near full immediately (not regen, instant 90% + HP)

I have the same thing sometimes, not all the time. And eating food fix the problem.

Private Server/No Mods

Same here with all members. Every time any of log in , our HP is at 50%, eating takes it back to 100% but this is still a minor bug.

This is a strange one. I get this ‘sometimes’. Compared to some other bugs, it’s not a major issue but it is odd that it doesn’t happen all the time. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I log out in the open or under cover or indoors.

It’s been happening to me since the game launched. About every 3 out of 5 logins, I posted about it in the PS4 section the other day. Until reading this I thought it was a console only bug.

Health Glitch On Login

And thralls have a similar problem now xdd when you visit your base pr anotjer players base, something happens that leaves half the thralls visibly wounded, with the wounded animation and health as low as if they just came out of the wheel…