Am I Missing GUI?

I’ve watched lots of video’s about the game and always felt like something is missing. I just realized it’s the GUI on the right side that shows the +/- % values. I don’t have it. Do I have a bad install or has it been removed?

It would have to be a bug, not a bad install :wink:

You should be aware that the GUI you mention only appears when you are in strategic mode, inside firing range of an enemy and have an offensive weapon selected.

Is this on the base game or the Seed of Evil DLC?

Finally, could you post an imgur link or similair, but without the dots? It’d be helpful to see that in the above specified case you are actually missing it (eventhough I don’t doubt you).

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The problem was, I was testing it outside of firing range and didn’t even see it until now because I luv the game and was so into combat.


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