Notum Dovvetech GUI 4.34



Notum Dovvetech is probably the oldest still actively maintained custom GUI in the history of Anarchy Online. This line of the Notum Dovvetech GUI (ndGUI, for short) is an extended and up to date version of Misat0’s excellent Notum Dovvetech v4.2 GUI series.


  • Clear visual style and space efficient overall design with adjusted text colour scheme
  • Seven visual Themes: dovvetech, dovvetech dark, dovvetech edge, darktech, darktech mini, darktech mini HUD, darktech glass
  • Super slim menubar with top/bottom and left/right positioning, floating menu, fading and main menu auto-hide mode
  • SoftMenu feature offering additional buttons on the menubar with selectable functionality
  • Quick Options menu providing direct access to: Lock Wear/Shortcutbar/RaidBar, Enable/Disable Inspect/Auto-AFK/Social, Show All Names
  • Menus extended with functions for: PvP and Leet Pet Duel, pet control, quick visual detail and performance settings, assist macro creation
  • Compact Raid Window and smaller RaidBars (optional)
  • Static shortcutbar hotkey numbering and horizontal and vertical shortcutbar togglers for easier shortuctbar management

Latest ndGUI version: (2016-Dec-21)

For the most recent version, installation instructions and further information, visit:

Hosting provided by Novagen.

If you have change requests, improvement suggestions, or some issue to report, please do post about it in this thread. I consider ndGUI to be an ongoing project, and one that should be shaped by feedback coming from the people who use it and thus see where improvements are required or could me made.


Right, so, this was kind of unexpected, tho to be fair, I haven’t been watching things as closely as I used to before. At any rate, I’m still alive (and so is Misato, as it appears).

I’ve updated the site, version info and changed the forum links.

The threads on the old AO forum for the v4.2 and v4.3 lines can still be accessed as read-only archives. We’ll see if / how long they last… I wanted to include their links, but apparently I can’t? Loving this new forum already. Anyway, they can be found on the ndGUI page should anyone need them.