GoXYZ GUI | A New GUI based on Dovvetech

Good morning,

As of today i’ve released the first version of GoXYZ GUI.
A preview can be seen here:

For those interested you are able to download the Core + Skin on the website: ao.goxyz.eu

Feel free to test it and give feedback so improvements can be made over time.

Note: I’ve used the Dovvetech skin as “base” to create this GUI, so no need to remind me. :slight_smile:

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Skin: Version 1.2

  • Removed the numbers on the bottom menu bar as these are not functional in this GUI.
  • New incoming mail icon added.
  • Redone targeting/attacking indicators
  • Several (slight) color changes to match better with the GUI.
  • Rarity Colors changed.

Now available on ao.goxyz.eu.

More changes will follow based on feedback so feel free to drop any feedback here or on the discord channel.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Skin: Version 1.3

  • Removed the “Percentage” health/nano background in Team Window when not teamed with people.
  • Fixed the minimize button color on Friends list.
  • Changed the Char, Misc and Info text colors to match the GUI more on the Menubar.
  • Removed some Settings in the F10 menu that are not being used.

I’ll repeat my two wishes from/for dovvetech–

  1. in a dark skin make the inventory, backpack, & bank slots a lighter color. as it is, black items are invisible.

  2. in the compass make the mission indicator dot a different color like the original orange/yellow.

and a new one caused by my upgrading to shiny new 4K monitor. need adjustable font sizes now.

Hello Literary,

GoXYZ GUI is a standalone theme that was made using the dovvetech as “base”. It’s not the same as Dovvetech, and I am not the developer of the original Dovvetech either. Feel free to look at our website to see a preview of this GUI to see if it’s anywhere near your liking. You are free to download and use it as well. :slight_smile:

As for the colors, this theme is blue and all icons are perfectly visible. :slight_smile:

Really like the GUI and apprecite your efforts. Really nice to have this, I’ve never liked the default GUI.