Am I picking bad servers or are they all like this?

Am i just picking horrible servers? seems no matter what server i play on eventually its down for hours and hours and hours without coming back online after a reset with zero communication from anywhere about it. Getting tired of being excited to grow my little compound only to find that the server I was building on is offline for 5 or 6 hours until i have to leave or go to bed.

Is this me just picking super unstable servers or what? I play on Official pve mostly because I dont want to DC fighting a human to die and lose my shit (which has happened twice now on pve - and i still lost some real nice thralls i was leveling).

its just a shame because i love the game, but its so immersion breaking when youre in an intense little fight, scrambling for your life, then you dc and you know its all over.

Are their any hyper stable official servers out there?

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Is the server actually down or are you unable to connect? Not the same thing.
PVE is possibly the most played version of the game. PVE tends to be active, can be crowded, can easily be over built.

Could simply be the server is crowed with a high ping so wont let you log in. The PVE server I was on; hope everyone made good use of my stuff, was usually busy enough in the evenings I couldn’t log in.
The flip side is if you are logged in you are probably suffering from server lag issues. Followers and pets not following or attacking. NPCs teleporting, Gettig hit by that NPC that is over there, and so on.

There are no hyper stable Gportal servers; in my opinion. Not sure who’s fur I may brush the wrong way, but Gportal is a discount server host. Not sure if I want to call them the Walmart of server hosts or the dollar store, but if you want more stable servers you will probably have to go to a player hosted one.

its down, doesnt show up when i search or check favorited or sift through the list. 2500 is the server i been on, but it was happening with 2132 as well

You’ll have to file a ticket with Gportal. Seriously.

word, appreciate the replies. So its fairly common across other servers? are rented custom servers any better?

Quite a few player hosted/servers. My issue is they tend to be mod heavy. The more complex the plumbing the easier to stop up the works.

Just need to shop around :wink:

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Not sure about Xbox servers but Playstation servers are. Less traffic. Both are Gportal. @Tbone272

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Yes that certainly can be true. Especially when an update comes out. There are also private servers that are mod free as well if you are willing to look for them. I am not sure about xbox as I do not own one but I am sure some can be found. I know of a few pve servers on PC that run mod free and are very stable.


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