Laggy new server

Decided to create a PvE Server but it’s lagging a lot. I barely have about 40 blocks placed. It’s me and 4 friends but we all have about the same blocks placed at different locations of the map. Why is it so laggy? My internet connection is fine, never have lags in any other games. Running on Series X.

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G portal servers are absolutley abyssmal currently. My official server has been having huge lag spikes that ive never seen on it in the 3+years ive been on it. Concurrently my friends on our more populated 40/40 server (which is always laggy) are also experiencing huge lag spikes at the exact same time as me on my server. Something is up with g portal. Probably giving less of a crap aboit their customer base than usual is my thoughts. #firegportal

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The solution is stop playing the game until it’s polished enough to actually play.

I wouldn’t call that a solution, sounds more like a hissy fit.

To Temix — our server is also unbearable with lag, rubberbanding, frozen thralls and hilariously poor NPC fight— in which they’ll just stand there or run in the opposite direction from you and then freeze there.

Temix- we’re on server #2733 pve-c and the server crashes twice a night and has rubber-banding most of the day.

Lol you say this and then follow up with

By all means keep playing through all that because it sounds very enjoyable

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