Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like the Changes to Stack Splitting?

Has it been mentioned that dropping items from inventory is done backwards?

So if you drop garbage to get rid of it or say, want to give items to someone, you have to start from the last item.

If you click/select the first item in your inventory it does nothing.

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Yeah, 14 is where I’m gonna spend time for now. :weary:

Wait …what???

Why the bloody hell would you have to re-arrange your f-ing inventory just to drop 1 or 2 things that are essentially garbage? What the **** is the logic in that?

Too depressed about the dumbing down of the interface to find the motivation to read everything and type up something comprehensive. Just that every person I knew that didn’t use precision splitting, didn’t do it because they didn’t know about it, and started using it once they were told about it.

Nothing positive to say about whoever thought this was a good idea.

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Ya try loading up your inventory with garbage. I had it on heaviest first. Select the last item in a row and start dropping, it goes right to left. It was originally left to right.

Know what I’m not optimistic about? You admitting you were wrong and I was right.

I wish we could ban you from the forums too. The Discord is so much nicer without you in it.


Only half over and over again until you finally get what you want, then have to restack the stacks.

It’s a waste of time and effort when it used to be a handy little slider.

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We’re bringing the stack splitting window back in an upcoming hotfix, currently due later next week. We’ll have a post up about this update, some hot issues, and other things tomorrow.

In the meantime, please don’t get at each others’ throats nor antagonize each other. Having a disagreement with someone (or us) is going to happen, but this conversation needs to pull up. Thanks.


Pretty sure most of us hate them.

Oh. That is earlier than expected. TY.

Fine. I was just prepping my attack run but I’ll abort.


(Obviously you are all quite busy right now running triage on the various current situations, so I don’t expect a reply, but I hope that you will have a chance to read and pass on)
I hope that the dev team is aware, that it is not just the stack-splitting that is at issue with the UI changes - there are multiple key functions that need to be restored:
custom UI sorting
use/equip from inventory
mouse pointer in radial menus
re-equip after death
text and icon size for accessibility
(and I’m probably still missing some)

Hopefully the team will have a chance to get to these, as well as the bugs and ‘death zones’ that arte being reported.


Yeah, there’s more coming than just the return of the stack split window. We’re looking into solutions for items not being moved between containers or within your inventory consistently, right-clicking for consuming items, item information on the radial wheel, and a couple other things.

We’re also aware of folks saying they’re dying to ‘falling through the world’ and sometimes logging in sunk into foundations.

We’ll have some more details tomorrow.


Thanks Andy, that’s reassuring.




The people on console aren’t the ones keeping your game alive. It’s the roleplayers on PC forking over the cash.

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Sigh. And it’s back to a normal day here.

I am pushing my luck big time here, and am preparing to dive beneath the table upon asking. But would a de-nerf re-adjustment to the Sword of Crom :mountain_snow: be on that list of things to come…?



You have the chance to ask @AndyB a question and that’s what you pick?
Thrall pots and pet feeder boxes would have been my choice! :sweat_smile:

The event introduced a new thrall pot!
Would be nice to have that actually work.


Sigh. I suspected the odds were against me on that one Andy. But still, my thanks for the hint/answer contained within your reaction.

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