An a function to convert Place-able into Blocks with functions?

Hi, i’m new here. (Created an account for this topic).

I have read somewhere, a DEV saying that most of the lag are caused by the number of place-able that are not instances (or something).

So i wonder, does converting these’ place-able into blocks, while reverting both sets of item IDs, would make the functional blocks (with each respective place-able item function) make the game less lag?

I have read somewhere, that the server pushed for massive calculation for each functional place-ables. Why not change this into, ONLY calculate these calculations when a players opens or operates that place-able?

Edit: functional blocks like those in 7Days to Die kind.

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I know very little of this (my programming knowledge is far too limited to be sure if what I’m looking at is even the same thing) - but I have encountered a mod on the workshop that appears to do something along the lines of what you propose: Steam Workshop::Amunets Deco Collector - v0.1.23

If I understand correctly, this seems to do something vaguely along the lines of what you are suggesting? Which would at least seem to suggest that it should be possible. It would certainly be a good thing if Funcom can find pretty much any way to reduce the lag issues, even just by small increments (in the year or so I’ve been playing, I’ve definitely seen increasing performance degradation, and that’s just on single-player - I truly have no idea how server players handle it - let alone the console folks).

Saw the link. It tied all Deco into one.

Was thinking more of tying each functional (IE, like preservation box, chest, etc) placeable (converted) to the buildings that was loaded instances.

Something like Crafting table from 7 Days to Die, where the crafting table occupied the said block/space regardless of model.

Pros: would be lesser lag i assume, (not pro-coder).
Cons: would be can’t compress all items/blocks/converted functional block into a small space.

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