Lag problem when building huge

Approximately 1 year ago I spent a couple of months building a huge castle in single player. I love this game because of the building opportunities/mode, which is the only reason why I am playing this game. However, I had started to furnish the castle by placing objects in the rooms, and because I have placed thousands of objects the game really lags hard.

I really love to build in this game, and I would love to keep building on my castle, but the lagging makes it impossible.

When i published this post 1 year ago, I got two tips that would help the lagging: 1. Amunets Deco Collector MOD, and 2: Renting a server to reduce lagging. However, I have tried the Amunets Deco Collector MOD, which does not help very much.
So, I havent been playing this game for 1 year now. Are there any updates or patch notes recently that would help this lagg problem? I really want to build huuuge castles again, and I am also willing to rent a server, but not if there still is a lagg problem.

As there are many people playing this game for building purposes only, I have a huge wish, that there should be an opportunity to render down or compress already placed objects to significantly reduce the lagging.

Lets for example say that I have placed many, many pots, jars, paintings and so on just for decorations. It would be nice to render or compress these objects so it doesnt need that much computer power. And also, optionally remove the interact action to reduce computer power.
It must be possible to compress objects so it is kinda part of the original terrain, with minimum computer processing.

This should really be an option for those who wish to build huge, amazing castles, cities and so on! I really wish I could add some screenshots from my castle, but cant since my user is new here.

I really hope the game developers will consider this! And I also know many other players would appreciate an option like this!

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They are working on that but despite the huge builds on single players eventually the player will run out of power for any platform but the catch is even online has its limits but if you only one you can build more. The building system is not only thing to think about ether but armor has different memory usage as well and that don’t count people fighting = animations thus more power and gear stats etc thus not just builds are not only thing that needs improved for performance but will help and games lag in single players (note I don’t build 1000+ size base) has improved in performance but no matter what there is and always a limited power not just for your pc but the games engine as well

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So you are saying they are currently working on this problem? Is there any way I can read about it, or follow their progress?

They are always working on improving the performance. Pretty much every patch has more optimizations.

So here’s what I know, I play half a dozen servers and have noticed here recently that the big builds on these severs when I ride by the lag is awful. This just started I say about a month ago and is just getting worse. I think something is wrong just don’t know what.

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