An internet connection is required to play online

Hello, I am new to this forum, I hope to briefly explain about my problem in: trying to press “play online” I am told that: The connection is broken. An internet connection is required to play online. Such a problem before (last year there was no) I returned to play and I see this error on all servers, not seeing the server and I am thrown back to the menu
screenshot below

Hey @SamCcp

Could you let us know your OS version?

Windows 7
But my friends with this Windows game works

same here, pop up this dialog box and in background in one second servers loaded, but when click button it will return to main menu. until you fix it, please allow user to stay in serverlist and do not throw him to main menu. Thanks

Thanks for the confirmation. We’ve added this information to an ongoing ticket we have about similar issues regarding connectivity.

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How and when will I be immediately notified that this error has been corrected?
I would like to know a more open answer on this issue, since after 7 days this topic will simply be closed (according to forum rules)

You can try the following while waiting:


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