An update on the next console patch:

Any news on the update hello anyone hello guess not

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2.4 is on testlive which means it will hit live servers in roughly a month? With that being said it won’t be long before we can enjoy the launch of Siptah together on all platforms…

…except consoles. =))

I was joking. I have no idea.


I think this is terrible for the community. In some ways, FC has created animosity with PC players. EA on Siptah last year was one thing, might have been a gut punch, would have been no big deal if they patched during November or so, but this last console patch cancellation was a kick while down…now news they are doing 2.4 and tweaking aesthetics before patching consoles?


That’s all they have been working on since it dropped for pc and broke xbox. And I dont blame pc I blame Funcom for lies to community and NO action on their part to make it right. I put the blame where it goes, not pc, they get mentioned alot cause they are the ones getting ALL the updates. And updates are what we are talking about. Main target is Funcom, and their failure to respond, on all levels.


Here’s an update for console. 2.4 in testlive, 3 new land masses and a new religion. Wow, bet that took a lot of resources. Wonder how much of that would have been better used fixing the game? Have to push isle for release. Question, who will be left in another 3 or so month when you are ready to release the bug infested wreck? I won’t be buying. Just gonna be a broken mess, that they will be working on fixing, probably with more dlc’s and adding more to break it more. We need a working game, not new map or dlc, a real fix. To bad Funcom wont listen. Smh. Horrible customer relations.


Greetings Exiles,

The planned update we mentioned last week, is unfortunately still in certification for both consoles. Since the last announcement, we kept working on addressing the issues that came up and coordinating with both platform holders. Due to the amount of changes we had to do, the full certification takes significantly longer than we were anticipating. However, we are doing our best on our end to get 2.3 to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Thank you for the update.

Thank you for some kind of communication. It will be taken with a grain of salt.

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Thank you for the update and for the great work you do with the game!


You need new lies.

Back to the extremely fun Valheim.


Ya comme un problèmes la carte sur pc s agrandi encore. Donc les joueurs consoles sont mis de côté. Le certificat. 2 semaine pour un certificat. Personnellement je laisse tomber. Franchement je joue tous temps a conan depuis le début. Mais la c est de trop. Vous allez donner un jour ou l autre, le patch 2.3 et voilà. Sur pc la carte sa agrandi un nouveau dieux. Et les joueur console rien. Pourquoi faire. Allé au revoir funcom

If 2.4 for PC comes out and nothing for console you suck and it’s time to start offending and sabotaging. Just take the piss, it’s 1 year no updates, right now there are 100 players online in the official European servers, ridiculous.

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Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Your communication is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

So maybe this weekend or maybe next week or maybe never anyway ty for saying something

Yup. Thought we con -“solies” were with em for the long haul. Guess we helped them get going and they never looked back…just kept running when we stopped for a red bull and tie our shoes…they laughed and ran on with pc-ers…


La raison des nombreux changements. Tu m etonne vous avez oublié complètement les joueurs consoles. On passerai de la 1.61 qui date du 24/08/2020. A 2.3 bin oui ya plein de changements. N oulier pas la 2.4 et tout ce qui sans suit.

I hate to say this but please stop thanking them for communicating with us, stop simping/ shilling. They just starve us to death and you thank them for sliding a piece of moldy bread under the door every so often . They give us a generic “ Thank you for you’re patience and understanding” message every single time as if we have a choice in the matter. NO! Enough with the phony generic pandering updates. We deserve better than these scraps they throw at our feet. Please stop patting them on the back, they need to do better, period, and we need to keep demanding better.


Definatley agree they need to do better, but I can’t help who I am, and try to treat both people and groups with class and dignity. I’m not looking for a blood fued with FC. The goal here is to enjoy this game together and looking to honor hard work with appreciation and thanks.

That being said I will speak my mind and give both critique or praise when it’s due. I want to be thought of as reasonable.

For me, the time to worry is when you hear nothing from fans. Thats going on now, as console is down serious players.


I agree with you that praise and thanks should be awarded for good deeds, behaviors, etc, I’m all for that. I wish I still felt like it would help turn a corner with these people but I feel like it only enables bad behavior on their behalf. I have a buddy who calls their Oslow office every day ( for the lulz?) and gets the voicemail every time. It makes no sense to treat us like they do, I want to give FC my money, I loved AO, it was my first mmo, my terrible computer was more of an issue than any of the flaws in the game. I loved AoC for a time as well, secret world was super immersive and unique but all 3 were stifled by terrible programming/ QA. FC has amazing high concept ideas and very talented artists , I want dune and isle of siptah as much as anyone else but I will no longer support companies that endure in bad business practices. It’s become standard for companies to release unfinished, unpolished messes and get away with it. Cyberpunk is the latest example, and that was from a well respected dev. I will thank FC only when they stop ■■■■■■■ on the rug.


Working with PS and XB, making changes…these things mean certification failed? Why was 2.3 added to stability anyway? Why wasn’t stability patch released upon completion?

You guys at FC tell us to be patient, tell us you understand our fustrations, but your actions tell a different tale. If we are understood, then why are we still waiting for stability?

But thanks for the update, all that same information we have already been feed really helps calm us down. Thanks for rearranging the words to make it look like different information too. Problem solved, everybody shut up and wait some more.