Anarchy PvP New 8/19 No Lag 24/7 8x EXP 3x HARVEST 5Clan 64GB DDR4 RAM Dedicated Box


(Posting this on behalf of the admin “Blue” who runs the server)

Hi All,

Just started an extremely high quality modded conan server. I hosted the #1 Ark and 7D2D Servers in North America for a couple of years and have fell in love with Conan!

The concept is simple: No playing admins, increased leveling rates to help players get started, slightly increased harvesting, and a huge 70 slot server with awesome hardware.


The only rules are:

5 Vaults max per clan/solo player until the nerf, and no spamming foundations everywhere.


No scheduled wipes. The only reason for a wipe would be a mandatory Conan update, or if the server has been at 0 population.


Feel free to join the new discord and hop on over to the fresh server!

Server Name and IP

Anarchy PvP Wipe8/19-NoLag24/7-8xEXP-3xHARV-5Clan

Press The direct connect button on the server list page and enter the following:

Server Specs

I7-7700K Overclocked to 5.0GHz, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 500GB NVME SSD, Only Conan Server Running

Still looking for more people to join up and have some fun! Server is silky smooth with no FPS drops at all!