Ancient Spear OP?

Most ancient weapons are more or less equivalent to hardened steel weapons. However the Ancient Spear is far superior and more equivalent to an epic weapon, like the Star Metal Spear. Is this correct? Seeing as it only takes some steel and shaped wood to craft it.

This has been brought up a lot.

I mean, it is the most powerful non epic (and even better than some) even with a regular damage fitting.

will be just like the reptilian armor.

I will bet 1 year then it is fixed. The spear is in this state for how long now? 6 months ?

Longer. It was like this before I took a 10-month break.

Yeah, it’s way out of balance for its tier. That said, I like having a budget weapon option at my disposal, even at end-game.

Cheap weapon that competes with the best (Ancient lemurian Trident) I don’t see anything wrong with it. leave it as is.

This one wonders if they just forgot to nerf it years ago when they applied general nerfs to spear stats.
This was back before the current moveset.

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