Ancient Weapon VS Hardened Steel Weapon

It seems that the Ancient weapons are either stronger or much more cost-effectively cheaper than Hardened Steel weapons. Should I even bother make a Hardened steel weapon to replace my current Ancient one? Hardened Steel Bar seem to be very hard to get.

And btw, why Ancient weapons were in default feats? I thought I have access to these feat was due to the some adventure I did, but then realised that even a fresh new character would have that too.

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By ancient weapons you mean the Ancient Pike? I believe the weapon stats are a mistake as it even out damages the star metal spear. So for now, no, not much reason to change your spear right now. :wink:

I skip it (but still claim the feat since it’s needed for advanced armors) and go straight from iron to star metal for weapons. Tools I go iron to steel (pickaxe) to star metal.

I mean all, not just the pike. I mostly use 1h Axe btw

                    Ancient              Hardened Steel

1h Sword_______________36_______________________33
1h Axe_________________36_______________________40
1h Mace_______________35_______________________36

Throw Axe______________27_______________________27
Throw Spear____________39_______________________39

Dual Dagger_____________29_______________________31


2h Sword_______________40_______________________43
2h Axe_________________n/a_______________________54
2h Hammer_____________37_______________________40
2h Pike________________48________________________37

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Good to know, thanks! Thought there were some kind of hidden properties in these Hardened Steel tier.

Wasn’t hardened steal somewhat equal to star metal?
For example acheronian tools have the same harvesting stats as star metal.

If we take work in consideration I think obtaining hardened steel is a lot more work than star metal.

It is a little bit weird, Star metal, Black Ice and Acheronean picks have the same harvesting power. I think one should have different bonuses like:

  • Acheronian tool + 2 harvesting power on iron and brimstone nodes
  • Black-Ice tool + 2 harvesting power on black-ice and Ice nodes
  • Star Metal tool + 2 harvesting power on star metal nodes
  • Obsidian tool + 1 harvesting power on obsidian nodes

Just a small sample, cause they are the same and everyone ignore black ice and acheronian because its more painful to craft… so its kind of lost/useless content (other than durability)

Sorry I went a litte off topic about the weapon differences, but it is weird nonetheless

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The disadvantage of the ancient stuff is that it’s low durability. It’s worse than steel in that respect, and hardened steel is very high. If you’re out and about for any length of time ancient weapons need repairing, and they need shaped wood which is not that easy to get out in the world at lower levels without having to build a carpenter’s bench in the middle of nowhere and make it. That’s been my experience with it anyway. It’s not a dealbreaker but I always prefer hardened steel. Raw damage is not the only measure of a weapon’s usefulness.


Thank you! So it’s the durability. Sounds fair now.


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