Animals not respawning

**Game mode: co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: USA
Hardware: Series S
Animals (deer, elk, dogs, birds, etc.) do not respawn after killed.

Additionally, there are no baby animals spawing so it is impossible to capture any for taming.

Expected Behavior: we expect to have animals respawn and be able to capture and tame baby animals.

From what I’ve observed, baby animals now only have a chance of spawning from the normal spawns, apart from foals which normally have a fixed spawn area. Found baby lynx and lion on Siptah but went back to the same location and was met with one additional feline that wasn’t there last time. Would be cool if this observation was true because it would add to the rarity and flaunt value to the pets since they are rendered obsolete in combat by thralls.

Hi @HAILSTONE, baby animals should spawn at a much lower rate than adult animals, and might be harder to spot at times.

Regarding the NPC spawning issue, does it occur in areas where you haven’t built and therefore are not claimed? If you linger in the areas for a few minutes, do they end up spawning?

Is your respawn rate set to the default value, and does changing it and restarting your session produce any effect?

Please be aware that, depending on the size of your save, NPC spawn rates while in singleplayer or coop sessions might take additional time in comparison to what you would experience in a dedicated server.

Thanks for responding. No. The npc and adult animals such as deer, birds, etc just do not respawn. The gators on the rivers respawn but not the smaller ones. We have no buildings or structures in the area which might block spawning. Even after restarting a session, they still are not there.

Any word on this issue. Still occurs.

Is it occuring near any player built structure? If it is, it may be land claim radius settings.


Are you the host in co-op or guest? If you’re the host, may be worth launching a co-op session solo and seeing if the wildlife will make an appearance. Go to the grid reference area where the wildlife are being no shows, enter admin mode, then activate ghost then activate walk.

Thank. Will do

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