Animals to big to fit go over stairs, then into closed buildings

Game mode: online official
Type of issue: misc
Server type: PVE
Region: EU 1004

[Describe the bug here]

Animals would walk into my base (normal for wolves and deer). But a mammoth getting on narrow stairs and them into a building with all doors closed…

I know this problem must be known. Also it is more funny than problematic, but still, there is a bug or at least unintended behaviour.


Snuffy isn’t real.

I had a three-skull alligator slip through the door of a 3x6 hut. I hid on a perch that I put up for my entertainer as she proceeded to jump down, warp back, jump down, until she died. That damn gator went through 7 regular hyenas to get to me, but failed. Elevation FTW !

Wish I had been an archer on that solo game.

Same here, how does something that big get through a regular door? No idea, but I learned a lesson.




Hello @Meo, thank you for reporting this!

We’re aware of a similar issue regarding wild NPCs going through doors, so I’ll be sure to forward any further information to the developers that might aid in its resolution.

We would be most thankful for any additional data that you could provide, such as the area of the map where this behavior occurs, additional screenshots of where you suspect they clip through ( doors, walls ), clarification on whether they were aggro’ed, spawned or walked into your base, and if it has even happened to you in other bases or locations.

As for aggro, I am not certain. Big boy was inside the building when I got to the base and thralls did not seem agitated. All building doors were closed

From what I can tell, he came up one of 2 stairs (see pictures).

I never had an animal inside the base while there were just walls and closed doors. I opened the walls with those stairs only few weeks ago. So I conclude that there was no spawn inside the base.

On one previous similar encounter a mammoth was inside foundations at the top of the stairs. Like standing on foundations 1 or 2 levels lower and ignoring the top ones. When aggroed, he almost instantly clipped to (proper) top level of foundations, which also triggered NPCs to react.

From what I can tell only by short observations, when a big animal gets in narrow places and turns around, the walls/foundations it touches, are then ignored by the body.

Here are some screenshots of the possible approach points, the house in the base and the narrow corridor leading from stairs to the house (with coordinates):

If you need more info, please say.

EDIT: Here is a video of me pulling a mammoth into my base (same location). Few very obvious instances of mammoth walking on lower level foundations and ignoring top ones.


Thank you for taking the time to share all this information with us, it has been forwarded to the developers for further investigation!

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