Anniversary raid healing? Or anima allocation

So far I’ve been on a number of hourly raids both this year and last. For some reason, the raids seem more dangerous this year. Out of 7 Shem raids I’ve died 9 or 10 times and for the one Hatekeeper raid I died twice. This is about the same as the total number of times I died last year during the whole event, and I was doing many more per day (at least 3 hourly events per day and as many HK as I could fit in).
You can say “well don’t stand in the chalk” but I don’t think I’m more careless this year than I was last year - I actually know more about what’s going on.
So - did they up the damage? Are there fewer healers?
Should I be changing my anima to tank for these events? I’m currently at 100% damage.

Maybe you are actually doing some damage so the boss takes notice of you? just a guess. or maybe you are using a skill that grabs aggro from boss?
Unless you are grouped with someone I doubt someone is healing you

Healing can be done to others not in a group - but is healing buffed like damage and health is in these instances? Doesn’t feel like it.

Same skills and rotation as last year.

I think it’s the rebalance. I don’t do raids except for the events, so I run Chaos/DP. Chaos, being a tanking weapon, got a lot of changes. The skills I’m using may generate a lot more threat now than they did last year.

Although I haven’t noticed it turning to face me, which is usually the signal that says I’ve grabbed aggro.

Could also be that I’m depending on Cruel Delight for healing and with the change that’s been nerfed significantly for DPS.

One big change that hit megabosses is how Unveil Essence no longer heals anyone outside of your group. Many self-healing passives were capped by amount of HP they can heal (making them less effective past 15k HP), plus Cruel Delight’s healing amount was lowered (and it’s also flat HP value). All this combined with Equal Footing buff giving you a lot of HP makes self-healing much less effective. Only thing that’s not capped is the Reconstructor gadget.

Your skills will generate no additional hate if your AA is lower than 51% Survivability. Depending on the Talos you are fighting, there might be other hazards aside from direct boss damage. Check if you have all effects enabled, you might not be seeing some damaging areas on the floor.

As for healing others, it’s working fine in megaboss fights with Equal Footing Buff. Just have to adjust to not being in a group with the tank - using only targeted abilities kind of locks you into Anima Suffusion elite. Then you can use Vital Shot+passive to proc grenades (and leech on tank) which you can spend on Anima Canister for more healing or Essence Grenades for some damage and Debilitated on boss. These I use on offhand, with mainhand being Fist - here my main source of healing is Invigorating Wrath+Serenity passive

It’s probably the “no longer heals anyone outside of your group”. This year I’ve only done about one Talos per day so it’s really luck of the draw since I haven’t been paying attention to which one is up.

The one that seems to give me trouble is the Talos of Water (it’s come up several times and this last time I checked the name). Something about the chalk keeps hitting me hard and I don’t heal back from it. The others I don’t seem to get hit in the first place.

Essence nades also heal outside of group, useful for keeping up the peeps on the crab boss if they get hit by the poison water. Useful also on the Talos and HK but does nowhere near enough healing in those situations.