Healing Weapons Question

With the 2x energy pool for healing weapons at 51% anima alocation to healing, is it even worth keeping them on full damage for max dps? What-ever you lose in single-ability dps surely you get back by being able to spam power abilitys 2x as often w/o running out of energy? Nvm the energy recharging faster with 2x times the pool. How doez the math stack up?

Treating it as a math problem: Doing twice as many attacks at 49% DPS is still 2% less DPS than 100% DPS.


Not to mention the fact that your not truly doing twice as many attacks (basics do damage to!)

Except thats not true. Its not a linear scale from vhat I can tell. Even at “0” alocation to damage, you’re still doing about half the damage of a full alocation (otherwise full heal/tank setting wuldnt do any damage at all). So that means that 49% alocation is about 74% damage of full alocation, if my math is right.

Making it very worth it.

And yes, probably not 2x times as many. But even if you take a more conzervative figure (say 1.7x times as many), at 74% damage, is still more then a 100% damage at 1x times. I think the DPS is higher.

Maybe take a few points off due to lack of hit rating at the start until you slot in enogh accuracy glyphs, but thats no big deal.

Well really its a rather simple test. you got hit a dummy for 5 minutes at 100 and 49 and compare. But if this were the case it would be widely known by now :slight_smile:

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I will definitly do some testing in the training areas. Because the maths are… interesting.

I’m not good at doing such tests, but tried anyway. This was done on a Regional Anima Sim with maxxed gear, matching agents and no expose or buffs.

Blood 100% DPS
(Blood 100% DPS)

Blood 51% Heal
(Blood 51% heal)

AR 100% DPS
(AR 100% DPS)

AR 51% Heal
(AR 51% Heal)

AR Basic Spam 100% DPS
(AR Basic Spam 100% DPS)

AR Basic Spam 51% Heal
(AR Basic Spam 51% Heal)

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Interesting… But are you sure you used the whole doubled energy pool? Because I can see the basic spam is lower for about the same net percentage as full rotation. Kind of makes me think you used the same rotation for both, not taking advantage of 30 energy for 51% heal.

I’ll stil do more of my own testing, because I’m not realy convinced. The non-basic spams should’ve been much more closely tied, if the whole 30 energy vas used. If anithing, on-paper, the 51% heal shuld win. Instead, it’s about the same as basic spam. Makes no sense to me, the math dont add-up.

I can see some Mjolnir use. Means you didnt have both healing weapons. I’m finding out that with both healing weapons I hardly ever have to touch the basic attack, vith 60 energy avaliable.

I used my standard rotation and because of the larger energy pool of the primary weapon I used more power abilities like Maleficium and Burst Fire to the point of being really energy starved(5 energy left).

True, I didnt use a healing weapon as secondary but I’m not sure if using a second healing weapon would add sufficient damage to justify the 51% Healing Allocation. But I’m excited to know what you find in your tests. :smiley:

If you’re going to be using your secondary that often, how are you going to set up your signets and agents?

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Yea upon more testing, it just dont hold up. The longer the fight goes on the more it drops off. Energy regen isnt enough to keep the power abilitys going, and once it comes down to using more basic fillers, the 100% damage wins out.

Still good for burst DPS in my opinion, for as long as it can just spam power abilitys (AkA trash mobs and minibosses with not too much health).

Too bad. Looked good on paper, but the energy regen lets it down.

Yeah, you definitely would not do more Damage per Second if you’re lowering your damage and only using one ability per second. That’s less DPS.

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