Confused on ultimate

I’ve used the ultimate (Z key) a couple of times. I’m unclear on how it recharges.

  1. Is it purely time? If so, what’s the time required (without the signet that alters that)? Does it recharge when you log?
  2. The other thing I was thinking could recharge it is hitting things. If so, any ideas on what is best to hit for faster recharge?

It recharges based on ability activations. Time has nothing to do with it and it does not recharge while you’re offline.

Ah. So to recharge quicker I should run my basic ability, since that doesn’t use much energy?

Or does it take energy into account?

AFAIK any ability counts equally whether it’s a basic, power or special. But please correct me if I’m wrong.

Correct, the only thing to add is that its per abilities as stated meaning any channel abilities count towards wing regeneration the same as an instant cast ability and therefore it would take ~2.5x longer to charge your wings with say tsunami vs swallow cut. Its been years since I really even looked closely at this but I assume it still works this way.

I wouldnt worry about basic vs energy consuming abilities. Even with the reduced ‘time’ signet, it requires many many hits. Having to basic All that time is a waste, unless you are sitting on a dummi in Agartha to do so.

I just finished recharging after popping it during a Gate Keeper fight.
I needed a Talos fight and a bunch of missions (enough for the first tier of dailies and most of the second) to recharge. I just used my normal set of abilites rather than trying for extra activations. I use an Overwhelming Power signet rather than a Condensed Anima so the recharge time is not affected.

I’m thinking I should have gone the other way with the signet. The extra damage/healing doesn’t seem to make a difference - depending on the mob it’s either one-shot or just another damage - and a shorter recharge would mean I used it more.

Speaking of signets, the text on Condensed uses “reduces recharge time” rather than “reduces required ability activations to recharge” or something like that which would be more accurate.

Is there any help on ultimate abilities? I had some difficulty finding anything which is why I asked here.

For that matter, I also have a signet that is supposed to reduce the cooldown on gadgets. It doesn’t seem to work on the (cleansing) Hoop. Is there anything on what the various colors of numbers in the text and what they mean? I can deduce some things (green is healing) but other stuff is still mysterious.

SWL Signet of Condensed Anima


It does work on the hoop, but it doesn’t update the item’s tooltip. If you use the gadget with a Time and Space signet on your waist talisman, then you’ll see the cd countdown underneath it isn’t as high as it would be if you remove your waist tali and use it.


…and I should know better than to post about an item without checking that the wording actually says what I thought it did.


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It doesn’t work on all the timers in the Hoop, just the cooldown timer after you activate it. So none of the waist signets affect its passive effect of a cleanse every (does it vary with quality?) 15 seconds.