Anniversary Update - can't see servers

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Unable to see servers , especially PVE-C (plaing on EU PVE-C1040) after Anniversary Update - unable to see servers , occasionally can see some PVP and PVE servers tho only five …

Verified files on Steam - all ok
Restarted Game / Steam / PC
My brother have same problem (hi lives in different Town ) , and some others players replayed to my steam thread about issue reporting they experience similar problem with no servers.

all worked fine before Update …

Can confirm, servers not listing properly. When I set to display all combat types, I can see it, but not when listing by pvp-e

Originally posted by Funcom :

Known Issue from Patch:

If you choose PVE-Conflict in the server mode selection screen, no servers will show up. You should select all servers, then filter by official using the browser filter.

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