[XBOX] Update 33. All PVE servers INVALID

After the update I have been unable to get any PVE servers to show up other than the ones showing on the PVP list. After an eternity of waiting, the search finishes and nothing is showing until I select show INVALID servers. The whole list appears including my favorite servers but they are all INVALID. I am surprised that I have been unable to find any information online showing similar issues.

Perhaps this is just an isolated installation issue? Please say no… 45GB sucks to re-download…

The issue is that all servers are listed as PVP combat mode now (which they are working on fixing) . So when seaching change combat mode listings to ALL and not PVP or PVE and all 1772 severs should show listed (but only the first 500 will be displayed). However the searching for servers is taking longer than what it use too which also needs to be fixed.

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