Official PvE-Conflict Servers Not Appearing

It’s going on over 72hra that I haven’t seen any servers whatsoever for PvE-Conflict… This is literally ridiculous… My cousin and I started anew on a PvE-Conflict official server, we played for a couple hours in 2 days, after the latest update; NO PvE-Conflict servers are appearing. We’ve tried numerous times every day since… What the hell?! I swear, if all my stuff is gone, I’ll be (along with many others unrelated to me) will be heated.

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You should be reporting what servers are down so it can be looked into then just saying fix it. In this you haven’t listed the region or the names as it might be the places hosting the servers that are at fault and not funcom themselves

Are any servers showing up? Is it just your region missing? Is it just pve-c servers you can’t see? Did you save it as your favorite server and can’t see it anymore that way?

With the last it might of just removed it from your favorite list during the last update. Have had this happen to me and all you have to do is manually look for the server again and readd it

Yea… I was gonna post the picture I took of the name and all that but yea… Literally NO pve-c servers show up at all… No matter what filter I use or whatever… Yet, PvE and PvP servers appear just fine

it’s a bug at the moment that they dont’ show under pve-C.
the work around that Ignasis suggests is:

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