Annoying Stutter/Framedrop in Conan Exiles Steam latest version (exiled lands)

So here are one screenshot and two links to youtube-videos to show more of the problem. It is obvious that the stutter can be reproduced in the same locations. There must be an explanation for that behaviour.

Every stutter looks like this in the task manager.

And here is the next video. Laptop-Mode. Shortly after leaving the desert and seeing the first palm trees. Even if I look down while moving I get this nagging lag when reaching the palm trees.

I tried the parameters for creating shaders on load, I deactivated texture-streaming and tried to fill my VRAM as much as possible, nothing works. I am at my wit’s end over this problem.

I’ve played a lot of UE4-Games, all running buttery smooth on my rig, but CE makes me mad. I love the mechanics of this game, especially the crafting and the reduced rpg-elements concerning leveling; it’s exactly what I want to play (aside from the lack of more quests than the main storyline). But playing like this is not acceptable.

I have the same issue for MONTHS and funcome is still not listening

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Toasty, was there a time, when you could play without this issue? Even with my last notebook (less powerful) I had this stutter-problem. Not so bad like this here, but it was noticable.

Kannst auch Deutsch mit mir reden alles gut, jes i actually made a video where i compared the 2018/19 Versions with the current build.

i came to the conclusion that Pirated versions of the game from 2 - 3 years ago run WAAAY smoother then the actual game, i personally think the client that Funcom implemented made something with the game but i cannot explain why, i even contacted a Dev and he told me that he will look into it but never responded back dunno what is happening but i am very disappointed