Anonymous Player List is Pointless... Steam Still Shows All Players In Game. Funcom Testing FAIL! How to FIX Going Forward?

I honestly don’t care if the player list is anonymous or not. But this last patch really highlights how Funcom still falls into the trap of just releasing patches without thinking things through and/or thoroughly testing things.

The Player List is NOT anonymous. If you are playing Conan Exiles on PC, you simply just have to hit shift+tab to bring up the in game Steam console, and click “View Players”. It will show you everyone that is currently online on the server you are playing on. Also another means to view players is to simply go to the console while in game. It will also show you a list of players that have logged in while you yourself were online.

I really love this game. I really do. But this sort of crap just wreaks of incompetence and needs to be brought under control. It has been almost two full years after Conan’s full release and this is still going on. Half baked patches that don’t do what they are supposed to do and almost ALWAYS breaks prior functionality. Prime example is elevators are still borked since last patch and no communication from Funcom on an estimated fix.

I know Funcom is a small dev studio. So I understand they simply have limited resources. It is obvious their testing department is suffering. Maybe a possible solution is to start reaching out the the PvP crowd on the official servers and give them some incentive to actually spend time on test live to do some real testing? I’ve played with some of those guys. People like Fly Hacks and others know this game inside and out. Reaching out to some of the more experienced players might solve this problem going forward. Just a thought.

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Funcom has worked with and continues to work with members of the community across the various branches of the game for a really long while now. PvP included.

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@Ignasis you can lock this post,alredy have post on forum about player list

Complaining about this is pointless.

If you want your name to show in the list then say something in chat and let the people who don’t want their name in the list have that option.

Nobody should know the strength of their enemy in this game simply by looking in a list.

Hey Zerog. We have a weirder issue on my server. Since the change our server was about 20-25 strong. While the social elements of the server have declined the population has spiked.

So myself and some others notices almost a full 40 population. We went down to noob river. To see what was maybe happening.

People…many people were there. Getting stone and wood.

This was during PVP time. So its weird seeing under geared new players not running from seasoned players.

They were basically zombies. I walked up to one. No weapon drawn. Face to face. It (and I do mean) it. Kept mining rock.

So I did kill it. To test something. It died in one hit. Because…well…i have great weapons.

So when it died it never responded or respawned. There were many of these. No bed rolls placed.

No one can tell who these people are

Also we are all now using community discord

I saw the name but it was just random letters. Usually when you kill someone. Which I don’t generally do. Especially by noob river. They respawn. But these people are not normal players.

There are several dead threads here about this topic. I see the issue with steam.

But the anonymity is still desired:

Funcom could just make it anon only during raid times in PvP. It would be just a toggle in PvE due to no raid times.

First we had Arkers, now we have Rusters too, everybody is an Exile. Many of our new former-Rust players say that their contemporaries like to spend time programming mouse macros rather than actually clicking on a rock. This could explain their lack of response – they might be in the External Mouse UI creating a 4-click and 5-click rock/tree subroutine.

From experience, peeps’ll use a random-named or game-named ID to confuse people, and this will be their Alt. They’ll follow later with their own playable character and level up with the mats from the Alt. An Alt combined with mouse macros means I could harvest with a passive Alt toon on autowalk at my right hand, while playing as myself with my left hand on a controller or modified pad/keyboard. The Alt needs a key-pressed macro once in a while, to arrest motion, strike 5X, resume motion. Watch for this behavior, as these Alts are loot barrels.

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