Hide my Funcom ID in player list

Hello there!

Please could you help me with funcom id username and clan name that corresponds in player list meanwhile all other players names are hidden?
I changed my steam account privacy to every level but it couldn’t change anything.
I research every corner of UI inside Conan Exiles but it’s no option for telling unreal engine that I don’t want to share my Funcom ID name and Clan name to other players on PVP server! (6414 official).

Please why so hard? So I’m tryharder now, thanks.

And I still cant attach my images here because my account was created 10 minutes ago, but I played about 250 hours at all for one month, still have no option to link funcom account to steam account. Totally insane!

Funcom ID here: W84GG#20604

PLEASE!!! Hide it.

I think there is a tug-of-war going on with hiding the player list. In the end, we are probably better off with it.

Are other people saying they can see your ID, or is it just that you see it in the list and think it is visible?
I am pretty sure everyone can see their own IDs in the list regardless.
Also, whenever you use global chat it will pop visible for awhile, FYI.

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Its not visible, unless you write in the game. In Clan, local or global.
Double clicking “instert” opens the command thingie, there you can see ID`s that have recently been logged in. I dont know how this works 100%, as if you switch servers you can see people from both servers. Also it doesnt seem to always log everybody…

Thanks for feedback, but it seems what have been described it’s not what it is in my case.
I don’t text to chat window at all.

Still can’t attach photo here. On screen a rest of man’s username are hidden. Mine and another 2 people funcom nicknames are public.

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