Another new Buglist

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

Just some bugs:

  • Journey: This step never finished “Use a part of light armor”
  • Kingshole: The book for learning the emote is invisible
  • Weather system: no more rain… why
  • Senseless Thrall: After a while the thrall on the chain is invisible. After relog he is back.
  • Fighting Thralls: when restricted building damage is inactive, Thralls will not fight to enemy human. In this time you can kill all thrall from other tribe, they will not fight back.
  • Weapon displays: don’t show weapon (invisible)
  • Armor: weight reduction set don’t work
  • Map: Set symbols is ok, but cannot delete my symbols on map
  • Light PlantTorch: wall torches positioning on wall is bad
  • Purge: works just sometime, most not
  • Talents: Many time when start Conan, all talents are gone and you have to learn all again

Hope you solve soon

Steps on how to reproduce issue: