Antharan Exiles [R-18] [EU] [Modded] [PVP-C] - no wipes, relaxed pvp

Connection info:

Server is run on a dinamic IP network setting, meaning it is pointless to hand out static server IP as that will change at random.


We recommend that if you plan on playing on this server, you join our discord server as well. You do not have to hang out with us, but it provides us the fastest method to communicate to our players when things happen, such as server downtimes, detailed list of server rules, admin support, updates and more.

Direct CONNECT: (since 01.01.2020) <- will keep changing this when the IP does.

Server browser connect:

To connect to the server using the in-game server browser, follow these steps:
-make sure that you start Conan Exiles with BattlEye enabled
-select Play Online from the Conan Exiles main menu
-tick the box “show servers with mods” in the main server browser window
-make sure “show servers without VAC” box is unticked in the main server browser window
-make sure “filter” is set to Internet
-“Combat mode” and “Community” filters can be left to “All” setting
-Select Antharan Exiles [R-18] [EU] [Modded] [PVP-C] from the server list. If it doesn’t show up for you in the list, you can type “Antharan” in the “Server Name” search field under “Filter” at the top-left side of the server browser.

We have spent the past month or so to make sure that the server is both stable in regards to hardware, automation and mods. If you’d like to join a relaxed PVP community server with active admins enforcing fair gameplay then come give us a try!

Fashionist (you can look the way you want in regards to gear)
Conan Sexiles (it’s why the server is rated R-18)
CharEditLite (change the way your character’s face and body looks if you feel like it)
Pickup+ Rift of Yog fix
Pippi (server administration tool)
Strays Stay Dry (stay dry when it rains - no more squeaky shiny building interiors)
Prestige - More Attribute Levels (extended progression by means of Attribute point tomes)
No Explosive Jars (craft oil orbs, demon-fire orbs, explosive arrows or trebs if you want to siege. This is not the battle of Helm’s Deep)

The mods listed above are also arranged in the same load-order as they are set up on the server.

There is a vanilla game bug where, if your character is over a certain height, hair and cloth physics will stop for you (cloth on armor and hair will no longer flow with movement or wind speed/direction)

We are not accepting mod requests as we feel these mods are enough to keep a close-to-vanilla gameplay experience while also giving players more than enough quality of life features.


Gather: 1x, XP:+50%
Taming: 2x
Spoil time: perishables last twice as long.
Explosive jars can be placed on ground but they do not explode. They can still be used on demon-fire barrages in trebs.
All other rates are vanilla, including max attribute points.

PVP Structure Damage is active only on Saturdays and Sundays (each weekend), between:
21:00-00:00 EET (EU)
20:00-23:00 CET (EU)
15:00-18:00 EST (US)

There are zero rules for open-world PVP (out of MAIN BASE and/or OUTPOST combat). Anything goes, except for cheating and/or bug exploiting of course! If you find someone in one of your out-of-base runs and you think you can wreck them with or without provocation, whether for resource gains or simply for fun, you can go ahead, it’s all up to you!

Building Rules:

A maximum of ONE (1) MAIN BASE per clan or solo player. (encampment tier 3)
A maximum of THREE (3) OUTPOSTs per clan or solo player. (encampment tier 2)
A maximum of THREE (3) CAMPs are allowed per clan or solo player. (encampment tier 1)

MAIN BASEs are considered the maximum tier of encampment. OUTPOSTs are considered one tier lower than MAIN BASES and CAMPs are considered one tier lower than OUTPOSTs. As such, OUTPOSTs are not allowed to occupy a larger area than half of that of MAIN BASEs and CAMPs are not allowed to occupy a larger area than half of that of OUTPOSTs. Each player/clan can influence their maximum buildable of area of their OUTPOSTs and CAMPs by basing them on the size of their MAIN BASE.
MAIN BASEs are not bound by any build limits, so long as they do not break any of the ENCAMPMENT rules listed below.

Example of encampment area cover size limits:
MAIN BASE = 100% size (whatever you want/afford while still following the below encampment rules)
OUTPOSTs = 50% of MAIN BASE size.
CAMPs = 50% of OUTPOST size / 25% of MAIN BASE size.

No ENCAMPMENT TIER is allowed to block access to map POINTS OF INTEREST directly. Example: do not block access to caves and other POIs.
No blocking of resources, baby pet/thrall spawns, World Bosses or boxing in/walling in other players with buildings or land claims.
No Great Walls of China.
No foundation spamming! (claiming excessive land to block trebuchets). Players or clans found guilty of foundation/placeable spamming will have their rule infringing MAIN BASE, OUTPOSTs or CAMPs deleted.
A STRUCTURE means any player built house/building/tower/temple/whatever you want to build that is anchored to the world by means of foundations, of any kind. Placeables do not count toward this, so placing down Animal Pens or Tents etc. does not count towards any encampment tier.


-Building and/or stacking foundations (and/or other placeables) in a random fashion and/or in large quantities all around the map, especially in cases where foundations exceed the 15x15 cases for MAIN BASEs and OUTPOSTs.
-Exploiting any found in-game bug to gain the upper hand in either PVE or PVP.
-Blocking certain areas of the map with walls, fences or foundations such as caves or baby spawn areas or any global point of interest.
Open-world PVP (non base/raid PVP) is not griefing of any kind, and is only susceptible to cheating/hacking penalties (permabans). If you can kill, kill. If you can’t kill, run. If you fail to run, die. It is a survival game after all. Tip: try to constatly be aware of your surroundings.

Those found guilty of greifing get 1 strike and will have ALL of their buildings removed, including properly placed buildings, regardless of tier.
At 2 strikes you will be banned for 2 weeks (14 days). If and when your ban expires and you decide to come back just to grief again you will gain a 3rd strike and you will be permanently banned. There is no cooldown on strike removal. Strikes are permanent.


Pets are allowed to be picked up once placed on the ground. Thralls are allowed to be picked up back to your inventory after placement on ground, but you will automatically reset the thrall’s (or pet’s) level to 0, including its attributes and perks and you will have to train them up again through combat. This is done because of a vanilla bug that can render your thrall unable to fight until the next server restart or unless they are either picked up and placed back down. You are NOT allowed to place thralls down near the vicinity of someone else’s MAIN BASE or OUTPOST in order to create a mini-army that can aid you in raiding. This rule goes especially for thralls that you pick up back to your inventory. You may only raid alongside thralls that you have set on follow. Those breaking this rule will have 1 strike added for griefing and will have all their placed structures removed. (see Griefing section above.) You are ALOOWED however to “exploit” that game mechanic where one (ONLY ONE per player) other thrall follows you and you constantly “drag” another by giving it a new guard point (which is tedious AF but hey they are your neurons). Conan Sexiles animations with thralls (you pervy thing) are bugged at the moment and will freeze your thrall in the same way the vanilla bug does when it occures. We will announce once that bug has been fixed by the Sexiles team. Untill then, enjoy a prolonged #NoNutNovember with your thralls. You are allowed to pick up thralls in order to re-shuffle their core attributes, but do so in an open area, away from other buildings and other thralls/pets or you may encounter bugs. This will also reset their level to 0.
Breaking THRALL/PETS RULES will result in a permaban .


This server is operating on a zero tolerance towards cheating.
If you bother to go so far as to bypass VAC and BattlEye in order to hack, you will be permanently banned.
If the cheater is in a clan when caught, the ENTIRE CLAN will be banned. If your clan detects a cheater within its ranks before the admins, remove them immediately from the clan and report them on the server’s global chat. Failure to do so will have you all (in said clan) wiped from the server permanently.
There is no possibility for appeal. If you cheat, you are gone! So play fair!
Disrespecting any ADMIN will get you banned. Matters regarding proper gameplay conduct and issues can be constested in real-time with the ADMIN you are communicating live with during said issue debate, but once a decision is made by the ADMIN that decision is final.


Backup rollbacks will be made only when one or more of these conditions are met:
-Funcom screws up with an update of the main game.
-Funcom screws up with an update of the main game in regards to current version of installed mods.
-Major damage done by cheaters before being caught.
-Corrupted save file due to faulty mod update, game update, disk-write failure or power outage.

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The current server IP is:
This is for direct-connect purposes, but fair warning, it will change.

Forgot to mention… this is not an RP server.

Server is offline for the time being because of a power supply failure. Will post when we’ll install a replacement, considering it is x-mas (merry x-mas to anyone reading this) it may take a few days, so people that might try to connect, sorry you can’t at the moment.

Ok problem fixed. was a faulty power supply unit. server is back online. New IP for direct connect:

Updated the rules written in here and on discord. Will update them in-game soon-ish since PIPPI writing is tedious. Added further explanation on how foundation footprints work so there should be no more confusion about them. Also pets can now be picked up too.

-attribute tomes have the following drop rates:
Tome of Knowledge (10 points) 1% drop chance/kill
Lesser Tome of Knowledge (3 points) 2% drop chance/kill
-attribute tomes CAN NOT be used until level 60.
-this is not an RP server but you are allowed to RP if you so wish, heck we might play along sometime.
-this server will not wipe.

Happy new year!
The IP changed with the new year. Added the discord and IP section to the top of 1st post.

We have also removed any build limits in regards to foundation footprints and structures. Each player/clan can now build one main base, three outposts and three camps. Main bases can be anything you want, outposts can only be half the size of main bases and camps can only be half the size of outposts.

We have done this because we have recently massively improved the server hardware, and less limitations on our players make them happy.

Encampment rules are there only for proper and decent expansion of players/clans and to ensure the map doesn’t become a cluster(*#&%#@ by leaving room to build for others.

Please check the “Building Rules” section on the first post for further details.
Also fixed the discord link in the first post.

For my play style this is great server. I wish there were more people.
I especially like that it has good selection of mods and 1x settings.

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I find the comunity well developed, people are not overly aggressive, there is a decent number of players and i wish we would see more so if you are looking for ssome fun , barbarian style, join this server, i believe you will enjoy it.

i’ve to agree, server is really fun