AntiClimb fences have bugs and are being exploited

Theres a guy (wont say name) but hes exploiting bugs to climb through the fences on my base, i watched it but didnt clip it, im aware of lag but he owned up saying “its in rhe game” fir better detail im a duo on the top of a mountain, fences blocked each side providing Anti climb, i had a experienced base raider friend to test it, he said its unclimable, and this guy is climbing past any clue how to stop this, he is somehow /killing but thats another topic, pls help i need to save my base from him


Thought about this one. Perhaps the mods can get you permission to upload pics and show us where in the buildings you think it is too weak or not working?

On the other hand, you can get archers.

On the other other hand they can just fix anticlimb and climbing :slight_smile:

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