Any chance Xbox gets big patch this week?

If the patch is not released soon, I would have to agree that a lack of patch is a bug… :grinning:

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Xbox is usually right after but no word even if it is in certification?

Hey there,

It is unlikely that the patch will hit consoles this week. We’re trying to squeeze in the server and building optimizations (as well as for PC) as it would potentially improve performance significantly.
Once we have an estimate date we can confidently assure the patch will be out, we will let you all know.
Thanks for your patience and support.

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Thank you very much for the response. Appreciate that

Have a great day

This is the problem with the console patches. We’ve been dealing with this incredibly frustrating building rotation problem that was introduced with a patch over 3 months ago. You’ve already fixed it internally, but we’re still forced to play a broken game for months because you’re trying to squeeze as much into the patch as possible.

Just release multiple patches!

The same thing happened with the Halloween event. We had to suffer for half of November with a broken unplayable game because they insisted on adding other things into the patch before releasing it, instead of patching the event out on the promised date and adding the other things later.

We’re dealing with broken gameplay and hearing about all the changes in the PC version, while just waiting for any indication of an ETA. It’s beginning to feel like we’re homeless people watching the rich folks eat their steak dinners through the windows of the restaurant.

Other games don’t have this problem. They release new content on all platforms simultaneously. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Sorry for the rant but this is quite infuriating.


as usual consoles pays the bills and pc eats the cake if all of us console players could band together and start boycotting company’s like funcom and others that turnout broken game after broken game that they never seem to get fixed till they move on to the next money maker leaving us with worthless shiny pieces of plastic

RIP Console players. There are too few of us.

I agree fully, it’s like they already forgot the considerable backlash from how they handled ending the Halloween event on consoles. They should release the current patch PC has on consoles now and then do the server and building optimization patch separately when it’s ready, not leave console users waiting unnecessarily longer for a patch the PC version has had for some time now, especially when the added wait is due to something that can only “potentially” improve performance. To be perfectly honest, I would not be surprised if console users will be stuck waiting until April for the patch.

With all of that said though, at least it’s several steps up from one developer’s attitude toward console users compared to PC users, Cyanide, the developers of the 2014 game Styx: Master of Shadows acknowledge the console versions have multiple game-breaking bugs, but outright refuse to fix the bugs, and never gave a reason behind the refusal, despite said bugs being fixed on PC.


Hmmm… So we PC people can get building optimization patch soon? Sounds good… :heartpulse:

It’s not a console vs PC situation. Console players purchased the game, so did PC players. PC players do a ton of testing and dev kit work that console players also benefit from. Console players have found issues on their end that benefit PC players. PC also massively outsold console, but not for one minute do I think Consoles should be left out in the cold.

I know you’re frustrated, but please don’t resort to finger pointing and recall we’re on the same team here.

In most cases, this isn’t really viable, not even on PC. Less so even on console because of certification requirements, which would require an extensive amount more of labor and time to accomplish.

Though in this particular circumstance, I agree that post major patch + the following hotfixes, consoles should be seeing their patch much sooner (I honestly expected Console players to see it this week). I’m sure Funcom has their reasons, reasons that I’m not experienced enough in the development world to understand, but I totally understand the frustrations console players have here. Completely.

Either other game titles have far larger teams and budgets, or because they purposely delay PC patches so that they are released at the same time as consoles. Microsoft and Sony need to catch up to Steam here, Steam makes patching so much bloody easier (Epic, who also recently opened a game store, also has certification crap too though on PC sides of things. Not sure why publishers don’t rally around what Steam does, but sigh…).

You have nothing to be sorry about. I know it freaken sucks for you all.



Now that y’all have y’all have released the building optimization for the PC (which has been or seems to be the major holdup), should we hopefully see a major patch release for the Xbox and Playstation later this week or next week?

Thanks in advance

Hi everyone,

please also keep an eye on the News and Announcement section where we generally post plans, schedules and other important information for all platforms. We’ve shared info regarding the parity patch earlier today :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try to be more thorough with my reading… I’ll take the advice I give my kids, show down and make sure you know the situation before getting involved. :grin:

I do appreciate all that y’all do and I’m personally still hooked on CE. The Mrs is still playing too.

We’ll be waiting with swords drawn? That I think works better than bated breath for CE.

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Swords drawn is definitely ok! We feel you console players and it’s understandable that you are frustrated at the moment. We really, really appreciate the patience, thank you.

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We are all thralls to Funcom. Console playersnlike us are the ones turning the wheels of pain. PC players are the ones sitting on top of it lol.

Lol no the PC users are the thralls you put outside your defences to delay the purge waves … fully knowing that many will die in the process.

This isn’t a fair comparison to make, at all. As I said above, this is not a console vs PC player situation. There are PC players who have put hundreds, thousands of volunteer hours into bug testing bug fixing, and other tasks that only PC players and fans can do. And they do this for the health of the game. Console players help in discovering issues as well as they play the game and see it from other angles.

We’re all fans of the game, please consider that.

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I think you missed my point, that we’re all “slave to the bugs” but you cannot possibly deny that console players always have to deal with game breaking issues far longer than PC players.

Until we finally get the next big patch, I cannot work on a build because trying to rotate ramps makes my character throw a punch that carries her off the building to her death. It has been that way for months and likely will be for one or two more.

They have a fix for this. PC has this fix. Console doesn’t. That shouldn’t be acceptable.

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And I’m a fan too. I know I sound negative a lot, but if I wasn’t one, I’d have given up looooong ago. I’d go so far as to count Conan among my top ten. Honestly, it’s because I love the foundation so much that the handful of what I consider to be major problems grate on me so badly.

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