When is Xbox getting patched?



Hey Funcom, when are you guys going to patch Xbox and take away the nightfall? I mean come on. You guys complain that your multiplayer numbers are getting low and I will tell you why…your driving people away from the game. What I mean is, you guys take so dang long to patch anything that players get frustrated. This Halloween patch was only suppose to last 1 week, not 2. If you ask me, this Halloween patch was pure garbage and not needed. Going out to gather and not being able to see a thing unless you constantly make torches and hold them all night…you guys, Funcom, need to pull your heads out of your butts and fix this otherwise you will continue to see a decline in players…oh and also, you allow people to rent servers, this means for that period of time they own their server and for you guys at funcom to force an update on people who paid for a private server is just wrong. I have one and this update screwed up ALL of my settings and angered everyone in my server…think before u act funcom


To be honest, once a build is certified for release to PC by the QA team it is also being ported to the consoles. Once it has been ported, the build is then submitted to MS and Sony for certification. That takes time which can delay the release of the console versions. The end result, since this was not a simple code roll back due to fixes being included with it, is a delay between the PC and console releases. From what I understand, the PC release and submission to MS and Sony happen at the same time. Once they have the build, it is a guessing game as to how fast they will certify the build for release.


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