Any modding help here?


I’m not too bad in 3D modeling, and I realized a custom armor because I really like this game but I think it miss of sexy armors, I followed various tutorials found here and there on Discords and Youtube, but I’m stuck because it’s impossible to find a tutorial that explains the procedure from A to Z.

Often, it boils down to exporting his model correctly in Unreal Engine 4, I get there, the animations work, but nothing about the implementation of the armor ingame, or how to do with the materials.

I have the feeling I opened Pandora’s box, and as for many games authorizing the modding, it’s incomprehensible for the common man and we are very quickly discouraged.

I would like to know if some of you know the procedure for incorporating an armor ingame, because I am quite discouraged and I fear I can’t do it alone and without explanation. And it’s really sad to do spend time doing an armor, do his textures, and see that you can’t get it ingame…

I dream of a simple modding tool, for Skyrim I didn’t remember that it was so complicated, the CreationKit was quite intuitive once the integrated base, there, without laughing, I have the impression to play chess with the game immersed in the mud.

Thank you very much my friends.

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If you can do the meshes, the art, and get it to work in the test environment. I would say you are about 80% done.

What you need to do is setup an item table, merge it with the existing one through a mod controller, and that will add your new armors to the game.

As far how to do that, I’ve unfortunately forgot. But there are guides on youtube on how to create new items and set those controllers up.

As for setting up recipes, that’s not something I’ve delved into unfortunately. I’ve only modded existing items.

These are the videos I’ve used in the past, one or both should tell you how to do the mod controller. The mod controller is important since it makes your mod compatible with every other mod out there.

Have you joined the official modding discord? There are some guides that have been pinned to it that should be of use to you. Via the “All Guides” there is a 10 page .pdf on just Armor and Clothing alone. Now I don’t know how start to finish it is, as I haven’t personally experimented with that aspect of modding. But maybe you can take a look through there, and ask questions on the official discord and get some insight from other modders from there.

Here is the Link to the CE Modding Discord

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