Any moders in here willing to make a thri-kreen(or convert the model of one)

Anyone got the skills in here to convert a single model of a thri-kreen from a nwn hakpak into a mod that works in conan?

:thinking: Would they be from Ophir? Or perhaps Khitai? Maybe Kosala? Please point out on the map where they are from?

Oh, a Dark Sun fan? Greetings, fellow traveller!

A mod with a completely new model would be quite challenging, I fear. Maybe a Sandreaper transmute might work instead?

yea my friend and i are dark sun fans. We would just use it on our personal server for a private dark sun game. I just cant seem to find anyone who would even convert one(id have to ask permission from my friend doin his nwn mod first though) to convert it for exiles.

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