Any new ideas on combating foundation spam?

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Any new solutions coming down the pipe to address the issue of foundation spam? I have been looking to the patch notes but haven’t seen much on this front in a while.

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Either stop the foundation spam by spamming foundations or destroy the cause of the foundation spam.

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This is a dilemma.

Free building is mutually exclusive to rationed building.

Foundation spam has always been part of free building.

pixARK tackles foundation spam by having you do dailies to fuel a “claim bubble”. Once that claim bubble decays, your structurs and land are no longer claimed and are exposed to everything.

Fallout76 tackles this by having a land claim radius. You can only own 1 bubble at a time.

GRAV, ARK, and CE share the foundstion spam problem - in CE it’s the absolute worst because roads conduct decay refreshes.

Only solution is to foundation spam before others do.
The best solution is to nurture a good server culture and be friends with enough people that they respect your influence - have everyone build one major castle only and not sprawling “markets” and world wonders and claim that as a “public infrastructure”.


This is so true. And i think the sprawling castles all over, no matter what type of server, is the biggest deterent of new players joining. Even as a veteran, nothing erks me more than to see mulitiple sandstone structures all over the map to the established clans. If they are at least T3, then, i know some real effrot went into them. With sandstone, it is a lazy way to claim block certain areas, and new players have to build in the worst, open to easy raid, spots before they can even put up proper structures for defense.

I was in a clan that inherited a lot of bueatiful builds on PVP, from opponents who left after our wars, but wanted their cool builds to still be on the server. Over time, we just let them decay away or demolished them. Concentrated on a few of the good ones and reinforced if we were going to use it, and T3 upgraded everything we built.

There is also the peaceful solution! I am not that kind of person though… Probably too much testosterone.

My solution would be to remove the claim and extended decay timer from foundations. Give claims to interactable placeables only and remove the contribution of foundations to the decay timer. The result?

-Your foundation spam won’t stop me building a raid tower

-Destroy the placables or the block connecting the foundations to the target and the foundations disappear in one hour.

-New use for thralls, Fighter and Archer thralls can be placed on any bulding piece and works as a sapper, doing 1k damage per minute. Thrall drops in loot back after it’s finished and can be killed by defenders. Higher value thralls do more damage more quickly.

-Enable the destruction of any station (here thinkin the temples that get spammed) in the crafting menu of the station using brimstone and fuel.

Alternately limit players to 2 temples of each kind each and 5 vaults each.

…in a perfect world. But in reality - there will ALWAYS be someone, or more likely, a group of players that just want to grief others. Solution (alternative) private server with active admins.

Very simple. Remove or lower trebuchet abilities. Last week someone plopped a trebuchet on top of 50 foundations stacked on top of each other to reach my base. Why can’t I put my animal pen on top of one foundation stone, or my teleport pad, but it’s okay to put a treb on one foundation stone? I don’t like that players cover the desert, etc., with foundations to avoid this (I didn’t), but Conan Exiles just makes it too easy to destroy bases that take months to build. They call it CHEEEZE. Not really an exploit, but not really a valid game either.

It’s a tough call because anything you do is going to necessarily put some dramatic limits on what you can build and where. No more outposts. No more public bridges and map rooms. No more Starbucks. (Oh, wait, that last one might be a good thing. :thinking: )

The reason i dont play ark is because of the pillar spam on official servers and i only like official servers. Luckily CE as far as ive seen on half a dozen official servers doesn’t really have this issue but there is nothing to prevent it either.

Seems like a simple solution. In order to build you need to craft a land claim, limit land claims by level maybe

1-10 = 1 land claim
11-25 = 2 land claims
26-50 = 3 land claims
51-60 = 4 land claims

Seems very simple tweak to the current claimed land system as it already does invisible boarders are your buildings which is your claimed land.

Landmark Everest had something like this. You could have multiple small bases or use all your land claim space to make 1 big building.

Play on a private server with proper mods and administration.

You cannot beat the unemployed or teenagers skipping classes.

The purge sent against a base should be larger and more destructive as the base gets larger. I have seen some crazy large bases on my server. The purge sent against bases this big should be massive, even including avatars. Also I think more than one purge should be possible at the same time against clans with bases all over the map. The number of bases should be a number added to the overall size of the bases which would increase the destruction of the purge. Also bases that are built on main byways or key resource areas should have an additional number added to their purge eligibility to increase destruction. I think most of the “land hog” problems could be resolved with a robust and deadly purge system.

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Honestly only see making you have to store mats to upkeep your structures (cost calculated by the individual building piece ie. you pay a percentage (or more?) for all parts of your base or they decay rapidly) that way you have to keep farming or shrink your base to a size you an manage to upkeep or risk it all falling apart in time.

Good idea Sair, add a new thrall class, builder. Meaning as your build grows you’ll need more and more builders to enact the upkeep.

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