Any sort of ambient sounds for static object musical instruments in the game?

I notice there’s a Gong I can interact with and chime. It also has a pool of sound files it seems to draw from randomly to chime its ‘Gongggg’ sound once ‘hit’ by you, the player.

But let’s say there’s a Harp. Could it be possible to recruit an NPC to then be placed at the instrument and then become playing it? My exotic dancer has some music to dance to then! :smiley:

Just as a pool of sound files can be added as small sized wav files or whatever, so too can small excerpts of music be applied to instruments so as to give really tranquil ambience to a small area.

The sound can have a bloom radius where is fades out after a certain distance.

Also, an algorithm can be designed so as to identify when a player has entered a musical sound radius so as to cancel the in-game background music, until player has exited ambient-music-object-radius of influence.

(such as the vicinity of a Harp, being played by a converted [MUSICIAN] Thrall perhaps)? <_< maybe, kind of, sort of thing…

What do you think?


Would like to see this as well , er hear it I mean. Not sure of the system (tech) requirements of it though.

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It would be amazing.
Even though a harp is far fetched for CE genre ( Yes I know it is in the game ) the most common instrument besides the drum would be a flute. To have an NPC playing the flute would make my day.

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Yeah, good point. Some kind of flute or whatever they play haha. But yes, Other games I’ve played, particularly mmo’s have this feature polished reallllly easily.

I shouldn’t name drop here but ESO has a youtube star in the game. She plays a Lute and sings songs. The sound file acts much like a light shader does, fading out as it gets further away from the source.

Once you’ve crossed the outer circumference of the radius, the sound file is not audible and the algorithm will detect this and kick the game music back in, if you have it on.

I love it in movies where the heroes bungle into a tavern and there’s music, merriment and shenanigans… Reallly adds to the RP for some people I guess. But for me it makes a house a home.


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