Any way to fix camera movement?

How can I stop the camera from moving with the character such as tilting forwards/backwards when picking something up, starting to sprint or kick?

It gives me a slight feeling of nausea sometimes.

It has not always been like this, is there any way to go back to normal like it was in EA?

If you’re playing single-player get this mod.

No, official server.

The only change I’ve noticed lately is that the game automatically enters vanity mode when standing still (Rotatable Stationary Camera), but that doesn’t do what you’re describing. I noticed that there’s a dropdown box in Settings under Gameplay for “Controller Style Movement”, but I don’t notice any difference between the options when using mouse & keyboard in either the 3rd person or 1st person views.

What you’re describing actually sounds like either an accessibility feature like Center View and/or Auto Slope from older Unreal games.

Can you confirm if you’re using Mouse & Keyboard or Controller, and whether you’re seeing this in 1st person, 3rd person, or both? Also, have you made any changes directly to the ini files? If so, you might want to try renaming them and letting new ini files get generated to see if that fixes things.

EDIT: Lastly, is it possible you’re activating target lock? I always unbind it myself, but occasionally it gets activated and then I find my camera doing odd things.

It’s most notable when you pickup things while sprinting. The camera bobs back and forth.

I don’t use controller modus and the problem is notable in both first and third person camera.

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