Camera issue... player center

After the patch moving and turning is way strange and feels horrible. Then a player rightfully pointed out that if you look at how your character stands now then it is way far to the left on the screen and not in the middle.


Yeah, it’s weird… not sure if I like it or not…

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A zoomable camera closer or further would be nice. The game to me always felt to close to the character

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Hi Dragoon :slight_smile: Feels like it’s been a while!

Not sure if it’s related

Settings -> Gameplay -> Controller Style Movement?

Could of sworn there was a setting for this somewhere. If not, assuming the mod still works, Flutterguy’s Customisable Camera is really good. Linky

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Don’t know if this is your problem or not, but unchecking “Rotatable Stationary Camera” set my camera back to the default position. Beforehand, I could rotate around the character while standing still, which made the really weird movement it looks like you are describing.


That solved my issue, thanks ! Now I have to decide which I prefer. Having seen it, I have somewhat of an interest, lol.



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Thanks Weylund!

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alright that half the issue but the other half is that my character is so far to the left was it alway this way ?

Oh, so that what happened, I thought they intended changed the camera, I actually like this way haha, thanks for sharing this.

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