Anyone doing XP grinds?

I started a char in Saga, Templar specifically (and Sylvester Stallone look alike), I’m looking for someone who would be interested in helping me boost to 80. I’m quite successful with this in Crom (suprising considering its kind of dead due to Saga), so I’m looking for someone who would help me hit lvl 80 on the way to start doing raids asap. TBH I can even buy the master bundle (thought about getting it again for Stallone) to be able to play on lvl 80 without hicks. Anyone interested in helping me?

Also, yes, my Dark Templar is even named Stallone just because I made him almost like a splitting image of him. Aquilonians sure have interesting presets.

Just to clarify: You do not need to by master bundle on Saga (it is removed from the shop there anyway), because you will get a full T1 PVE set anyway once you hit 80.

Ah well, then to lvl 80 straight away I guess.