Anyone else cant go inside the new dungeon

i wanted to try the new dungeon but there is nothing for me to press, to get in it i press e on the transportory stone place the blood crystals and there nothing in there ,nothing to craft
i cannot get in the new dungeon

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should be a craft option in the right crafting screen

like i said there nothing

weird, it’s showing on my screen. 1 button, cost 3 blood crystal, allows me to craft portal to dungeon.

well that is why im making a thread because mine does not work…

you might want to move this over to the bug report section then with some additional info (i.e. screenshots, server type, modded or not, etc). someone might have a better answer for you.

Try unlocking the Teleporter knowledge in the Sorcery tree before trying to activate the Teleporter…

You are not the only one having this issue. I am also running into the same problem from what I can tell. I have the Transportory Stone knowledge stuff unlocked, so I don’t know if that effects it. No idea if it’s a bug or we are just missing something to unlock it.

Screenshot 1: No option to use the Transportory Stone.

Screenshot 2: Transportory Stone knowledge unlocked.

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I had this problem. But I waited till the sollareclip and I was able to craft and enter. Hope this helps

também tentei entrar e não consegui mas como eu estava dentro do modo SP não reportei por achar que seria algum erro. Vou testar em minha conta em servidor oficial se estiver com o mesmo problema vou gravar para mostrar aqui. :thinking:

Acabei de testar realmente DG não funciona em single player @Funcom_Community

Espero que a FUNCOM resolva esse BUG em modo SP :sleepy:

Middle of eclipse.

I have the same problem. Everything unlocked and learnt. Been playing for 4 years. Doesn’t work on the server I am in, and on single player. Today I decided to visit a new server and it works there. Leaves me very confused