Transportory stone BUG?

Is there any problem with transportory stone? I have reached the maximum sorcery level and gained the knowledge of the transportory stone, but I cannot build it because the stone is not in the menu to build, is there a bug or am I forgetting something? i playing in isle of siptah. The server is 6308 PvE.

Greetings @ediliosdd ,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you, please, send us a screenshot of the building menu where it’s supposed to be so we can verify it?

Can you also confirm if you have any current mods installed?

Helo, thanks for answering!

I can’t upload a screenshot becouse im a new member, but I can describe it. In the buildings menu I have all the sorcery buildings, thaumaturgy bench, shallow grave, circle of power and sacrificial stone, but the transport stone is not there, even though I have reached the maximum level in sorcery and the symbol of the stone is on the “knowledge” tab. I don’t have MODS on my account. the server is the official #6308.

Transportory stone like other things around the game was changed to decorations from crafting stations.

I assume their thought process was to move anything that does not “craft” something to decorations.


As I recall the transport stone is in a different location. I just built one the other day and it took me a minute to find it.

I think it’s under the decoration tab?
But don’t quote me on that.

Oh haha what was said :arrow_up:

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BINGO! That’s it. Thank you mate.

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