Anyone know wher the snake cult caravan event is happening on siptha

like titel says i want to know wher its happening on isle of siphta

I saw it in X’Chotl on testlive in single player. Haven’t been back there since 3.0 went live.

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I haven’t seen it. Would be nice if the map would show event markers. Its really frustrating to get a “challenge” in the Battle Pass to go do an event, but no events seem to spawn.


Will have a looksi ther👀

How on the Earth should I know about events in single-player? Looks like I never got any in a week playing more than an hour daily - or I just don’t notice them?

This one has yet to see an event spawn at all.

Probably just bad luck.
This one recalls Grave Matters generally didn’t spawn in Single player, so something similar may be true with the Blowback and Snake Cult Cart.

As for Siptah, to own the truth of it, the choppiness and performance issues probably would obscure this one from noticing the event even if it was happening.

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