AO bot <----> Discord sounds

When i park my fixer at ICC grid, and someone send me a tell message with “GSF HoT fgrid plx” , i always miss it , because im doing other stuff in the meantime, (playing other characters/games/youtube).
I love that on discord, you can set it up , so you get a sound effect only on certain messages. So when someone on discord needs fixer buffs they can ring my bell.

But it would be nice if there was an AO bot that could relay a message/action made in AO to a discord message for the sound. So someone standing in AO in front of my character could make a sound in my ear by doing something similar to my AO character (by that i probly mean a tell message).

Now im curious what you think, is this functionality even wanted by the community? If so, what are the most desired options? maybe

  • Link to “Darknet”, maybe with positive+negative keyword filters. For example if you get a message in AO with the word “Ravagers” / “WU” (case sensitive) , and that’s on the positive keyword filter, it send a message on discord. Can combine multiple words like for example only if “org name” or “friend name” is in the same line as the “Ravagers”. Can also combine with negative keyword filter, like for example if negative keyword “PoisonOrochi” is in the same line, or even on the same page, as the positive keyword “help pls”, then you can still make sure you don’t recieve the message.

Any other suggestions on alternatives/specifics or just a good old stfu would be appreciated.

There used to be a program that ran sound commands based on chat log events. Was used to time UBT/Drains/Etc before the Nano Target windows was introduced to the game. I’m sure this is available even today since the chat logs are still the same :slight_smile:

There was also a program that gave off a sound on a tell. I really can’t remember the names of them though.

Halorn had Chat Alert -

I used to live by this, but with the advent of the new icons showing the cool down of a nano/action, I stopped using it. You can create your own text strings and assign your own sound prompt to it.

Hope it’s still an active d/l link and works for your purposes. :smiley:

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Thanks, il try and get that chat alert running.

Going IRC chat bot <> Discord channel seems a bit over the top for such need. So i’d simply adress you toward this

Considering you’d have AO running with sounds on, anyone e.g. typing “/voice help” ingame would send you an auditive alarm ; just don’t be too far away from the computer :wink:

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