AO Chat and Voice Community

What has happened to voice communication in this game? I am a returning player and I am finding that the norm is no one participates in voice communications anymore. I’ve heard that “just no one uses it” no one gets on there etc. I came from a thriving and robust group of players with an expansive voice community, where I looked forward to talking with friends that I also game with.

Ive also heard that even in large raid situations voice isn’t used. So if that situation are raid commands given out in the in game chat? How does that even work? Isn’t easier to speak raid command than it is to type and who is looking at their chat screen anyway?

It could be im missing something here too and if so please enlighten me. Also if there are Orgs still out there that still has voice as an integral part, Id like to hear about you too.



Personally I’ve never used voice chat for AO, or generally, but was aware that it used to go on. Perhaps it’s a function of the playerbase no longer being 20-something individuals sat in their dorm rooms, but are now 10 years older and living with partner/kids in an environment that no longer lends itself to voice quite so well.

With regards to raids, there’s been a lot of progress in the bot scripting functionality, so a lot of the common orders have been given quick commands in the bots.

The official AO discord does have a voice area that’s open, so you could always see if you can tempt people in there.

I’ve always tended not to use voice chat in any game, however since coming back to AO this year I do use voice chat, but that would only be withing the org, not really sure why I’d want to chat to random non org members in another playfield, I go to the pub if I wanna talk to random people.