How to talk to another player inside the game

Hi, new to the game and we want to talk to each other while we are playing. I have Funcom Age of Conan Unchained installed. We haven’t be able to figure it out. Any help very much appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

As a subscriber it’s easy, just use /tell
As free to play this option only works, if the other person is a subscriber and adds you to his friendlist.
If both are free to play, I don’t know if any ingame option exists beside using /nph (new player help-channel), but everyone is able to read it. Never tested if the option with friendlist enables /tell, if both are f2p.
If you are standing close to each other, you can use /say or /shout

Further option would be using voice-chat like Discord or teamspeak which are not connected to the game itself.

You can add each other to the friends list (Shift + F was the default I think, in that window you click on the + symbol) and then type /tell [Name of your] following by your message. This sends messages to only that player. You can “quick respond” by pressing R if you got a message from another player.

Creating a group by inviting your friend with /invite [Name] works as well, you can then use the group chat by creating a new chat tab by clicking on the little * icon in the chat window.

You could also create a guild though I think you need to be level 20 to do so, there you get a special guild chat tab (you click on the little * icon at the chat window and create it there) where you can chat with all guild members, but those messages will be visible to all members thst have this chat open.

Hi Fijndahl,

Thank you so much for your reply!. This way we would be able to talk to each other thru the microphone?

There is no voice chat in AoC. You have to use external programs for that like Discord or TeamSpeak.

Hi Force,

Oh! That would definitely answer my question. I can stop searching now :frowning:
Thank you so much!!!

Discord can be downloaded (just google it) and you can create a server for free.
Teamspeak can be downloaded as well, but as far as I know, someone has to pay for a server.
There are some other chats like mumble, but most commons are discord and teamspeak.
If you use one of these, you can talk via microphone.

Thank you so much!!